I Dreamt Ravens Were Flying North for the Winter

Golden Fields of Wheat at Dawn
Golden Fields of Wheat at Dawn

I was outside, standing in a wheat field (I don’t remember any buildings, just a lot of sky and the yellow cast of the sun on wheat).  The lighting was very much like in this photo in the beginning.  Perhaps I was out there to watch the sun come up, I do not know. In the following “scene,” the skies are blue with wispy clouds spread out across the sky, but the remarkable thing were the birds. Ravens. You know how geese fly with a group? This was a group of ravens flying very high above the fields.

At first there were just a few, but then as I watched they just kept coming, more and more of them, dozens and then hundreds and then thousands! And they were flying north even though in my dream they should have been migrating south. I know this because there was someone there with me and I was trying to get him to understand that something was wrong, that they should not be flying North. They should be flying south. I was kind of shaking him, my hands on his arms but he didn’t seem to understand the significance of what I was trying to communicate. I was patient with him (in language) and yet at the same time I felt a real sense of urgency. I remember that it was thousands of birds because I said the word “thousands” to the man, but he was uninterested, he just wanted to keep walking south, on his way to whatever he had planned for the day.

That’s it, that was the dream I had Wednesday night. It is now Friday, almost 3:30 in the morning, and I just had to type this up before I forgot. I had gone to bed for the night but the dream came back to me. Lying in bed before I came out to type this up I thought to myself, “What would make the birds fly in the wrong direction?”

And the only answer I can come up with, is a change of polarity of the earth’s axis… magnetic north had changed to be the south and vice versa. What could do that? Only God, I imagine.

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