Beep beep boop, you used to give me such pleasure yet this week, nothing but headaches!
Beep beep boop, you used to give me such pleasure yet this week, nothing but headaches!

WordPress has been driving me CRAZY lately!  Over the past week I have had a helluvatime getting the “new post” to do anything other than “Beep beep boop”.  I mean, really, I’ve had at least five posts I’ve wanted to create and have not been able to get in to do it.  I can read, comment, etc.  everything but create new posts. I’ve been trying to get in all morning, and now it is the afternoon, and I am finally ON IT!

Not sure how long this problem will persist or even how long I have before WordPress Beep beep boop tries to resist my commands again.  So I’ll do what I can.  I just wanted you all to know that I am still very much here even if WordPress is fighting me on publishing.

Oh, Beep beep boop you used to bring me such delight and pleasure with your cute little winks at me but lately you’ve been giving me nothing but headaches and frustration.  Why?  Why, Beep beep boop, why?

The photograph was taken by Elisa Ventur and acquired through Unsplash licensing.
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    1. i had an issue like this before…i had to sign out of wordpress – close the window…and sign back in….because I typically just shut down my isp when not in use. You might even want to try clearing your cache in your internet options.

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  1. WordPress, beep beep this… You’re funny. Last week I spent all day trying to edit my “comment” widget to no avail. I went on line and Google my question in 100 different ways, but no answer. I finally posted my question on the Common, I only got one “like” on the question. What does that even mean??? Anyway, don’t take it so seriously. WordPress loves you. It’s just messing with you…

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  2. when that happens do you try going straight to the /wp-admin area and or switching to the old editor. I prefer the old editor because I have seen the bee-bop-one not save my drafts right away -on the old one it has an option to save the draft even though auto-saving as well …maybe completely unrelated -just things I’ve done over other frustrations 🙂


    1. I have tried getting in through the wp-admin as well as the new post button, neither work. I am not sure if I can switch between old and new editor when I am stuck like that but will definately give it the old college try! Thanks for the suggestions and information!


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