cutmypicShe checked again. It has to be in there! It was the third time she went through her carry-on.

“I really need to see your passport!”

She could hear how impatient he was getting. It has to be in here. It was when she left. And now it seemed to have disappeared. While she continued fumbling through the pockets and pouches of her carry-on she glanced up at the giant clock overhead… 6:43 a.m.!  She had two minutes to catch the tram or she’d never make it to the board meeting on time!

“It’s here somewhere, I know it is! I had it, I know I had it.”

A second customs officer steps up beside her.

“Ma’am, would you follow me, please.”

“I can’t, I don’t have time. It’s here, I swear it’s here! Just give me a few more seconds.”

“The line, ma’am, we need to keep it moving.”

Suddenly her cell phone began it’s insistent ring tone, Charlie Sheen’s voice rang out loud and strong, “Winner”,  “Winner”,  “Winner”, and of course, this only aggravated Silvia all the more.  Why, oh why did she think that was a good idea?  She glanced up at the clock again, still 6:43 a.m.!  She had to find her passport pronto!

“Ma’am, please.”

When the law firm of Weslin, Washington & Webster, LLC, chose her to fly to Milan and represent their client in this buy out she knew her career was riding on whether she makes the deal.  She’d either make partner or lose her job and her reputation. The ringtone was supposed to give her confidence but now it was mocking her stupidity, forgetfulness and haste in packing. She could stand it no longer, she stepped to the side, reached into her purse and grabbed the phone.


“Is this Ms. Wankoff? Ms. Silvia Wankoff?”

“Yes, what is it? I’m in a terrible hurry!”

“This is airport security, we’ve found your passport.  You’ll need it to… ”

“Oh my gawd, thank you!  Thank you so much! I am at customs now, I’ve been holding up the line and I have an urgent meeting I must get to. It starts at 7 a.m. on the west side of the plaza de aeropuerto!”

“Ms. Wankoff, it’ll be okay, our man is already on his way to you.  And as for that meeting, we can arrange speedy transportation to get you there on time.”

“What’s your name? You’re a lifesaver!”

“Henri, Ma’am, my name is Henri.”

“Well, thank you Henri, you’ve saved my career, I’ll never forget this!”

“You’re welcome, Ma’am. I’ve arranged for a limosine to pick you up just outside the doors there.”

“I see it now. Oh, and here’s your security man with my passport!”

“Goodbye ma’am.  Have a wonderful day.”

“You too, Henri, you too.”
☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀

The above short story was inspired by Author S B Mazing’s blog event Finish It!, which began as a Blogging201 assignment meant to further expand our blogging experiences as well as our strength of community. Do one, or do them all, it’s up to you; Join her event to experiment with a story prompt and give your fingers a shot at short storytelling… every Wednesday she’ll provide a new prompt! This story came from Finish It! prompt #21. 

© MemeesMusings/B.L. Memee, 2015-2017. All rights reserved.

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    1. Thank you so much! I so wish I could hear her voice, I imagine it kinda shrill and nasally, if that’s at all possible!

      Names seem to come naturally to me when I am writing. Silvia Wankoff, she screamed at me, my name is Silvia Wankoff. So be it!

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  1. LOL! Just like the names came to you, the voices will, too. Sometimes they won’t shut up. You may have to place a pad and pen beside your bed so that you can write down what they say and silence the noises in your head. 🙂

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