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Okay, so one thing which always holds true is that I love words. I am not usually a big talker, in fact, I tend to think of myself more as a listener. But anyone can turn me on my head, like flipping a coin, just by giving me a soda pop, a cup of Joe, or some good old fashioned alcohol… that’s right, all it takes is a little giddy-up in my cup and my mouth is off and running full-speed ahead… for… hours… and hours… and hours! My family hates it. My friends hate it. And me, well, I think it is kinda fun.

I’m not a summarizer, I’m a blabberer!

That is not my quote. My fellow blogger and cyberfriend, Blair, used it in reply to an online conversation we were having. And I knew as soon as I read it that I had a new post! In one sentence she described my love of words… it fits me on caffeine to a T.  It also describes my use of the written word.  When you put a typewriter or a computer keyboard in front of me it is like flipping the on switch for my brain into overdrive.  To the people I routinely send emails to: I apologize.  When printed, those emails can be as many as 23 pages in length.  I’m not kidding! Some emails I save in binders for sentimental purposes.

Anyways, I know many of you have noticed that short posts are not really my forte. My son, he used to describe himself as a chipmunk, putting everything in a nutshell… that is how he uses words.  In fact, it is quite confusing to me because I usually have no idea what he is talking (or writing) about because it is so briefly stated.  Drives me, well, nuts!

Anywhoo, I will not apologize to you, my trusty minions because you are choosing to read these lengthy blatherings of mine, however, I  do want to thank you and tell you that I appreciate each and every one of you who follow me, read me, support me and encourage me.  I am trying to mix in shorter things as I can… it’s just with my fingers forcing my mind to whiz-whirl-twirl-flip-and-skip, these things get to be quite lengthy even when I am trying to keep it brief.

Maybe I’m just not good at summing things up and bringing things to their rightful conclusion — or, wait, would it be its writeful conclusion?  We are talking about writing, after all!  Okay, okay, I’ll just force myself to stop.  Like in the days of the telegram…


Oh, p.s. — sorry, but I really must insist on the postscript — (see I simply cannot stop even when I command myself):  Blair’s blog is People, Things, and Life, but don’t worry, her posts are not as verbose as mine.


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  1. Hi MeMee,
    It’s me, Janice! I liked your post. I thought the switch from Summarizer to Blabberer was funny. I’m glad you came to the Linky party last Monday. Thanks!


    1. Hi Janice, thank you so much for the comment on I’m Not a Summarizer I’m a blabberer. I am glad to hear that other people find the same things funny as I do!


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