With every year comes growth and wisdom and I have the wisdom to change things up a little from time to time. Wednesday Widsom is one such growth. Going all the way back to my early days of sharing my inner musings about life, death, and the world around me I stumbled on a little pingback game called Words Crush Wednesdays. I accepted the challenge to participate, allowing a quote of my choice to be the inspiration for a post each Wednesday. And from the beginning, it became something I looked forward to. The anticipation of discovering some quote that called to me on that day and ignited my thoughts to go somewhere it otherwise would not have could be thrilling!

Now that I’ve modernized the look here at Memee’s Musings, I thought it high time to make some smaller tweaks as well. Words Crush Wednesdays, Seeking Love Saturdays, and Memee’s Poetry Parties all have been retired, though they are easily found at the bottom of every page beneath the black hero space while the active pages are at the top of each. And, of course, there are many choices in discovering more of Memee’s meandering musings. There are referred links, in red, within posts; at the bottom of posts you’ll see a carousel of semi-similar topics; the sidebar contains search options as well as links.

The Wise Owl photograph was taken by Ahmed Badawy and acquired through Unsplash licensing.
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