Hello writers and readers!

Very few people go through life without doing even a little bit of writing. There are those people who can only write their name and there are those folks who live to write. You know the ones, they’re the people that are starving to death because they refuse to put down their pencils and their pens, turn their computers off or set their smartphones down to take a break from the writing process.

Well, this page is dedicated to every writer from those just discovering how to write, to the young people falling in love with writing, to the old people who cannot stop writing.  New, Seasoned, Young, Old… it doesn’t matter.  This is a page for my Sunday Callers… postings by guest writers of any genre.

If you are interested in being one of my Sunday Callers please read the legal stuff and submit the Affirmation Contact Form.

Disclaimer for Sunday Callers

Collection of Calling Cards.

Contact Memee.

So, any thoughts?

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