I Give Thanks For…

This page is inspired by Momdeavor who wants the world to experience and share its gratitudes with the world around them.  We can all live happier, more fulfilling lives if we just stop to notice the tiniest things that are constantly going right in our lives.  Whether it is that lone parking space opening up by the grocery store doors on a blizzardy night in November or the sound of a new baby’s cry, or the fresh smell in the air just before it snows, or that break in the rain that comes exactly when your dog is begging to be walked… Whatever it is, stop and take notice of what went right in your day.  Pay attention for the little things, a string of traffic lights turning green, helping you get to work on time.  And pay attention to the big things, the miracles that occur in your life and take a moment to thank God for the blessings that are sent your way day after day throughout your life.  It’s hard to be unhappy when you’re too busy looking at all that is right in your life!

With gratitude to her I create this page to share and revisit my own gratitudes I discover each week.  Swing by her blog and see all of the amazing things she is grateful for in her life and maybe between  the two of us you will also feel inspired to find the positive in every day and happily shout thanks to the world!

Oh, and if you didn’t realize it, the words at the top of this page, “I give thanks for…” was actually a link.  That’s okay though, you don’t have to scroll up.  A little something to be grateful for, here it is again:

I give thanks for…

You’re welcome!

So, any thoughts?

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