Contact page & Legal Disclaimer

So you think you might be interested in being one of my Sunday Callers… Welcome!

What are you getting yourself into? Nothing. You retain all rights and responsibilities to your work. What does that mean? It means you may post your original work online, publish it or sell it as you please, when you please. You also remain legally responsible for the content you provide. There will be no financial contract between us whatsoever and no obligations beyond the terms of this disclaimer or any written addendum we agree upon (via email). I don’t make money on my blog and I won’t pay for content from anyone.

And no, you do not have to commit to anything beyond agreeing to these terms. If you only want to post on Memee’s Musing’s once, that’s perfectly acceptable. If you want to submit on multiple occasions that is fine too. It is however my blog and I do not intend to have co-authors on this site other than as a Sunday guest writer.

Credit is always given where credit is due. Therefore, authorship credit will remain intact with your work(s) for the life of each post. Additionally, each individual post will provide a link back to either your contact info or primary website… it’s up to you. You must provide the link you specifically want to use (unless we come to some other written agreement).

With regard to the link you furnish me, it is your responsibility to maintain the link in working order. If my readers inform me that the link has become dead I will remove the link while maintaining a footnote about the link’s web address and reason for removal. If you change the link url it is your responsibility to update me so I can keep your link active on my blog. Just email me and I’m happy to do the necessary update.

I have the right to keep the agreed upon post(s) on Memee’s Musings indefinitely or remove them at my own discretion. However, I cannot publish your work offsite without your express written consent. I do not own your material and therefore I cannot sell it or trade it or give it away. I am however entitled to add an image of my choosing for use on Memee’s Musings, but only if one is not provided by the author (I may at times feel the need to reject accompanying media, but we can discuss and come to arrangements on a case-by-case basis). I am solely responsible for the legal use of any and all images that I personally select for posts on Memee’s Musings. However if you provide the media, you retain legal responsibility for its use. In the rare event that you choose to place the media I have added to your post on another website, you become legally responsible for that usage and cannot hold me liable for any usage beyond my own website. I may further correct any typographical or grammatical errors that I find, in relation to its use on Memee’s Musings. This is simply to make you look good and keep the website looking professional. I will in no way change the context or meaning of your submissions.

I have the right to refuse any submission without explanation. However, if I do intend to use your material you will be notified before the intended date via the information you’ve provided me of the date it will publish.

Now if you are ready to be a Sunday Caller, submit the form.  By submitting materials to Memee’s Musings for public consumption, I affirm that I have full ownership of said offerings and have read and agree to the terms above:

So, any thoughts?

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