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I am dedicating this page to S B Mazing, as her weekly story prompts have shown me that I love to write and am good at it too! At this time I have only written 8 stories, however, I think this may become a lifelong love and so I am dedicating a page to these little endeavors so it is easier for me to find and enjoy my stories, and easier for you to bypass my mind’s daily musings and jump headfirst into the fiction I am creating.

I had never before seen myself as a writer, only an editor. I could not figure out how someone would go about creating a story; where did their ideas come from? I still cannot answer that. I have always known how to improve upon other people’s stories and fix problems in their writing, but S B Mazing gave me a way to write stories without having to figure out how to write that first sentence, the paragraph that starts it all.

In her weekly event, Finish It! she gives us a starting point and we fly on our own from there. I hope that with a lot of practice I will eventually be able to learn how to spark my own imagination to create, but for now, the story is all mine albeit inspired by her prompts. Thank you S B, you are AMAZING!

If you like my stories, please let me know what it is that you enjoyed most. And if you start participating in the Finish It story prompts, I’ll be giving it a read because after I have completed my story, I love going back to Author S B Mazing‘s blog and seeing where everyone else was inspired to go with the exact same words that inspired me!

To read my stories click here! I hope you’ll enjoy what you find; I welcome your feedback as I am a total beginner and love that I have discovered a hidden talent I didn’t know I had. So help me develop it. Thanks!

2 thoughts

  1. Ugh, it drives me crazy when the WordPress programming goes heywire and does not do the job it is supposed to do. None of my categorized stories are showing up, it turns into an error screen. I will try to work on it again tomorrow and see if I cannot remedy the situation.

    In the meantime here is a list of the 8 short stories in the order they were written. You can look for them in the Thoughts Treasury or use the search box:

    1. A Matter of Perfect Timing
    2. Thoughts From A Cot
    3. The Device (a short story)
    4. Watching Time In Slow Motion
    5. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
    6. Daydreaming
    7. Faeries and Pixiedust
    8. Frightened But Not Alone

    Please enjoy them. I know I enjoy revisiting them quite frequently.

    ☀ Memee


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