A Thanksgiving List

A Thanksgiving List | Memee's Musings
Photo by Brooke Cagle

We come together from far and near a day like none other for this is clear.

Rhubarb pie so tart and sweet, ice cream atop I’m eager… let’s eat!

Innocent babes dressed in tiny suits and sparkly gowns with nothing to do but be passed ’round and ’round.

Television commentators giving the play-by-play because the tv screen is much too far away.

Everyone’s happy and eager to help but the men all they do is whine and yelp!


A big basket of rolls fresh from the oven… please pass the butter before there’s nothin’!


Lingering flavors perfume the air, but loving moments are the contagion that’s there.

Infectious laughter spreads throughout the house as each woman hears the snore of her spouse!

Sleeping angels, old and young, now the juicy gossip has begun!

The cornucopia of thanks and blessings we’ve shared replenishes the fruit of our souls. Goodbye! So long! It’s bittersweet, and as we walk to our cars we’re already eager for next year’s Thanksgiving tradition repeat!

The Most Amazing Day of My Life

The Most Amazing Day of my life happened 21 years ago today. It sure is amazing how fast time flies. There is nothing in the universe like the feelings you experience that first time you hold your baby in your arms. I will never, ever forget that moment.

I send my thanks up to God for giving me a healthy, loving, intelligent, kind, generous, compassionate, funny, talented, health-conscious, beautiful son.  I prayed that he would be born under the sign of Libra because he would need a calmness to remain sane among the chaos I was living in.  I named him Dane because I wanted him to be strong and I wanted him to be his own person.  And he is all of those things.

Dane was born 3 days early, on the Libra-Scorpio cusp. God had answered my prayer.  But more importantly, I am grateful that God made a way for us to extricate ourselves from the dangerous environment he was born into.  I am grateful that Dane and I have a strong, loving bond.  We are, after God, each other’s rock.  I am grateful for his calm nature and awed by his ability to let negativity roll off his back.  He is everything I had hoped he would become and so much more.  I am blessed.

The Most Amazing Day of My Life | Memee's Musings