Know Your Stuff Before You Puff

medical maryjTweet: Thinking #marijuana might be the cure to your ailments? Learn the difference between #medicalmarijuana vs. your son's hidden stash!Not all Marijuana is created equal. In fact, that is by design. The marijuana my mother and stepfather grew, harvested, smoked and sold on the streets is not the marijuana of today. Marijuana has become a designer drug. Each plant strain has been bred to enhance or dehance certain factors. If you think the only reason growers don’t want you around their crops is the street value, think again. They take pride in their hybrid creations and keep their secrets secret. Continue reading

Chronic Pain: You DON’T Have to Live With It!

Peripheral Neuropathy affects feet and hands
Peripheral Neuropathy affects feet and hands

The time has come, once again, to show thanks and appreciation for the little things in life we sometimes take for granted. This Thursday I am feeling grateful for not a little thing but something huge which we all take for granted until something happens and we become alarmingly aware that it is one of our most important skills: The ability to balance and walk.

A month ago I was quite disabled when it came to my balance and that meant walking was difficult and sometimes I couldn’t stand without holding on to something without the fear of falling. It had struck quickly in April and worsened at an alarming rate. I had to hold onto walls, furniture, railings, anything just to get across the room. It was at its worse when I woke in the mornings (or anytime I was sedentary for any length of time). When I would put my feet on the ground my right ankle felt like it was going to blow out, shattering in all directions — I could see the bone shards in my mind’s eye flying away from my body like a scene from The Matrix — my weight was too much and my ankle would give, just enough to make me begin to fall. I wouldn’t fall, but that’s because my bed was right there and I could grab ahold of it… that’s how it always happened. And if that weren’t enough, I would have shooting pains beginning on the backside of my feet that would shoot up my leg. One time the pain was so bad I actually took myself to the hospital. They said the shooting pain was caused by something called peripheral neuropathy and then they sent me home. I knew that “neuro” meant nerve, but I was not alarmed by their diagnosis. They did not say it was something I needed to have taken care of. They didn’t say it would get worse. They didn’t call it nerve damage and warn me that it could eventually leave me wheelchair bound if I did nothing about it. Continue reading