Why I probably will not be at your party (a letter)

via Migraine.Com
Author:  The Migraine Girl

Migraines impact only one hemisphere of the brain
Photo provided by: ePainAssist.com

“Dear ________,

“I got your Facebook invitation the other day. You know, the event invitation you shared with me an a lot of other friends. The party/show/gathering sounds like so much fun, and I am so excited and want to support your birthday/engagement/rite of passage with you. It meant a lot to me when you texted/called/told me in person that you especially wanted me there, that it wouldn’t be the same without me.

“I took those words to heart.

“Here’s the thing, _______. I deal with a couple of chronic health conditions, psoriatic arthritis and migraine disease. Generally speaking, my symptoms are under control and I manage my health pretty well. You know I work a lot of hours at my business, and on the side I do some writing and editing gigs. My work keeps me pretty busy, but I don’t want it take over my waking hours. To the best of my ability (which hasn’t been too tremendous lately), I try to make time for my family—that includes my parents, my sister, my partner, and even my cat. I also try to balance social time with dear friends (like you!) with much-needed quiet/alone time with myself. Continue reading