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Caring and Compassionate
Lady of Liberties
Indiscriminate and Independant
Nowledgeable* Negotiator
Tenacious yet Tactful
Open-minded Overachiever
Nasty Woman

Rude Racist
Uncouth, Unapologetic, Un-American
Misogynistic Millionaire Megalomaniac
Phony President


This month’s Poetry Party theme is Politics!  Whether you agree or disagree with my perspective I encourage you to participate!  The more we share with one another, the better we know and understand one another.  And although I do not vote and cannot win I never put forward a poetry challenge without requiring myself to participate.  So please accept my poem for what it is… my feelings based on my life experiences, biases and perspectives just as your life experiences, biases, and perspectives aid you in determining your viewpoint on any given topic.  Below you will find the important dates and the submission link for #NewEra Poetry or, to learn more, click the previously given link.


Submission deadline is Tuesday, January 24th, 2017, at 23:55 PST. Submit now!

Voting opens at 00:05 PST on Wednesday, January 25th and ends on Tuesday, January 31sh at 23:55 PST.*

#wcw From a Very Wise Woman

Wise Woman | Memee's Musings

Women have, for so long, used this quote  when facing the uncomfortable truth that they have ignored relationship red flags.  Women have used for so long this quote to support other women who are making a hard decision to leave an abusive partner.  As women we find strength, truth, and understanding in these wise words by the remarkably wise woman, the poet Maya Angelou.

It is not my intention to turn this blog into a platform for political debate or discussion.  It has always been a place where I place my thoughts.  Thoughts that need to be purged and thoughts that I want to remember. So, right now it is reflecting election stuff and I hope that you, my lovely minions, will continue to visit me and like me despite any varying viewpoints we may have.  #IStillLoveYou #IStillRespectYou

I have been very troubled by the outcome of this election.  I am a person who is filled with love and kindness, tenderness and compassion.  And, as many humans do, I tend to think most people are similar to me and therefore I believed it would be impossible for a man filled with so much hate and venom, a man who enjoyed stirring the pot and riling people up, enjoyed inciting and igniting their angers and fears to ever become our president.  He does not represent my values.  And every night as I sleep I am haunted by the outcome.  Last night was interesting.  Last night I dreamt that I was watching a breaking news story, that President-Elect Trump, having had no idea of the scope of the presidential job, announced that he would not be taking the job.  And now, as a result of our not having a president-elect, President Bill Clinton would be remaining in office for another 2 years as we go through a new presidential election.

Dreams are weird aren’t they?  Anyway, back to my quote.  I have heard and even continue to hear people say that Trump was putting on a show to gain supporters and that is not who he really is.  That now that he has won the election his true colors will shine through and we will discover that he is in fact none of what we saw reflected over the course of the 2 years, plus, that he has been in our eyes and ears spouting his viewpoints.  But I say look at his past, look at all of the history of behavior, all of it, decades and decades worth.  He is exactly who he was during the campaign and if that is not enough to persuade you, look at the people he is surrounding himself, look at his posse of friends who he is placing into key positions in our government.  Wake up, America!  We have some serious trouble in our future.  It’s time to start educating yourselves for survival because this America that we have known and loved and been blessed to grow up in, it’s going to be changing and it may never be the same again.

There, that’s the end of my rant.  Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself. Hate is a dangerous thing.  I do not hate this man.  But I am very, very weary of him and fear what we will suffer, each and every one of us.

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Making America Great Again Op-Ed

To everyone that thinks “it’s just talk” or it was a brilliant scheme to get that title, but it is not who he really is, um, have you paid any attention of his life patterns? It’s not just talk. He has always been this way. Yes, his narcissism exploded while he was on the trail (any narcissistic would be fueled by that energy). And you think he doesn’t have power? Don’t you remember that George W. Bush declared war (without congress)?  Now, the president has that power, the power to declare war on other countries without We the People.  He will be responsible for appointing multiple chief justices –including the seat that was stolen from the Obama administration and gifted to Trump– that will support his ideals.   What ideals?  Well, these are the ones that go against me, personally:

I am disabled…. mocks me.
I have a mentally illness… I’m a crybaby.
I have a pre-existing condition… doesn’t care.
I am a woman… my health doesn’t matter and I have no value.

He has never done anything that didn’t serve him on a personal or business level. He does not love this country. He doesn’t care about us. He has spent the past year and a half tearing this country apart, ripping us apart at our seams, pitting neighbor against neighbor, sister against brother.

I am a child of the light and all I see in him is darkness and evil. He is Godless. For me, the only comfort I can find in all of this is that this must be part of God’s all-knowing plan* which will bring about the return of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Let’s stop romanticizing his slogan: “Make America Great Again.”  The reality is much darker.


*God’s plan is to bring Jesus back to Earth, bringing eternal peace and love with it. Unfortunately, it is man’s evil that will bring it forth. God’s plan is not evil. He, however, is all-knowing. He knows the past, the present, and the future. He knows our actions before we make them and see’s what is forthcoming in the world.


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