Where’s the Party? #howdoilovetheepoetryparty

See ya at the punchbowl!
See ya at the punchbowl!

Hi everyone, so I like that ya’ll like my post. I really do. But do you understand that liking an event is not the same as participating in an event? I’m just thinking that there is some confusion about that, and if so I wanted to be able to clear it up.

If you want to get the rewards of participating in the event you need to click on the little blue box that says “add your links” at the bottom of my post. Then you will be able to join in the party, meet other revelers, comment, converse, make new friends and find future followers and people that you yourself may want to stalk… (there’s always at least one stalker at any given party, isn’t there?)

Okay, so I hope you’ll join us for the party, yes it lasts 9 more days approximately, but that time goes by super-quick in the blogging world and the more partying we do, the bigger the benefits for everyone!

I am hoping to meet you at the punchbowl!

☀ Memee