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You were so kind, so wise compassionate and generous always giving, never taking the most genuine I've ever met. So many lives, so many hearts you've touched us all so thoroughly we changed in knowing you our hearts, our souls we changed in loosing you our hearts, our souls forever changed our walk, our talk forever changed our life you've marked. I am among those who've been left behind devastated now that you're gone You've left this world you've excised your pain your agony is finally gone as ours has only just begun. I cannot keep the tears inside and I wish you'd not been so good to hide the feelings you kept deep down inside. We didn't know we didn't understand we hurt, we grieve we laugh, we cry but most of all we're left asking, "Why?" But know this: You changed our lives with every smile, with every joke, with each adventure and all you cooked. You changed our lives and made life richer like eating chocolate after dinner. You changed our lives and that cannot die forever with us you'll now reside. We love you!

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Join me in the #ASKFORHELP poetry challenge happening now at Memee’s Poetry Parties. I hope to see you at the punchbowl!

#askforhelp Poetry Challenge

#askforhelp | Memee's MusingsWell everyone, next week it will be the one-year milestone of my father’s passing. It was a horrible, horrible time for all of us and yet this is in many ways worse.

This month, September, is Suicide Prevention Month.

Just over two weeks ago, my son’s very best friend committed suicide while away at college. He was super intelligent, funny, talented, wise beyond his years, kind, thoughtful, non-judgmental and 100% genuine. He loved science, cooking, travelling, camping and affection. He was a talented painter, an outstanding cook and a hard, dedicated worker. He remained affectionate toward his mother and adored his younger brother. He was the safe harbor every friend needed. He profoundly impacted the lives of everyone he knew.

His dormitory was only 6 hours away yet he felt devastatingly lonely being apart from his home base; his mom, brother, and friends that were as close as family can be. He had many friends there at college, but it just wasn’t the same. His parents did what they could to try to help. They got him a mental health counselor and when that did not seem to help they encouraged him to come home. He could finish his degree from here. Over summer break, he seemed to be doing better and by the end of the break he told them he only had this last year left and that he could manage it. And so despite their hesitations, took him at his word and allowed him to return to that place he was so very lonely at. Three days into classes he decided to take his life. All he had to do was pick up the phone and someone would have been there to help him gather his things and come home.

This month’s poetry challenge is on the topic of suicide and submissions will begin tomorrow. Writing helps me to heal. Please join me in this difficult challenge. Write from any direction you want. The pain causing you to want to leave this planet, the anger at someone who has left, the pain of losing that person, the impact it has on others, the future that is lost. Whatever direction you want, wherever this challenge takes you, write it, post it in your blog and then add it to the linky party.

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If you’ve not linked up before there are written directions in my post: Linking up, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Or you can watch the how-to video on the page entitled Memee’s Poetry Parties. Be sure to follow the directions and spread the word.

Submission deadline is September 24th. Voting begins on the 25th, so get your followers to vote for you at the link-up, voting will conclude at 23:55 PST on September 30th.

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And lastly, I leave you with this video that was posted to Facebook in honor and memory of our wonderful Baily.

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