This dog is not looking for a home… and you’ll be disappointed!

Patient PittieAnyone who knows anything about pits knows that they will do whatever it takes to be loved by their owner.  It’s part of the reason they get a bad rap… if humans only give attention to their pit when they are misbehaving, like a child that is neglected, it will perform the negative behavior because some attention is always better than no attention.  If the human owner treats the dog abusively, throwing things at him, hitting or kicking him, yelling at him, like a child imitating a violent father, he will learn to be aggressive. And then you have those evil, evil humans who fight them.

Pit Bulls are one of the most patient and loving dogs you can get.  And of course, like any mixed breed “mutt” he’ll have less medical problems then a purebred.

Educate yourself before calling fowl on a pit bull!

I hope you enjoy the photos of this wonderfully patient pittie as much as our family did. I don’t know who took them, when or where they were originally uploaded. I saw it on Pinterest, and their link led back to however, the photo is marked Visit at your own risk, I’ve not done so.

(Please educate yourself about the discrimination and negative propaganda campaign being promulgated against these wonderful dogs before you simply walk past them. I highly recommend the documentary Beyond the Myth which you can stream on Netflix, purchase or rent on Amazon or even Youtube for $1.99.)

A Special Message from Sevi

Hey, everybody! What an interesting weekend I had. I met with a nice family and had a sleepover at their home! My foster mom and dad cried when they dropped me off, but I didn’t understand why. Unfortunately one of the other dogs and I both wanted to be in charge. So my foster mom picked me back up the next day and told me they wanted to be promoted from “foster parents” to just “parents.” I happily accepted and have been home ever since playing with my brothers. Sometimes your forever home is closer than you think!

Sam, Sevi & Buddy
Sam, Sevi & Buddy: 3 beautiful pit bulls.

I am thrilled to share this story with you. Sevi is a beautiful female pit bull mix (pictured in the center) who, along with Leyla (also a pit bull) and their human advocate Charlotte (a Texan) inspired me to do what I can to help our four-legged friends.  It took a year, but Sevi now has her furever home! Congratulations Leyla, Sevi, and Charlotte on your happy endings!

Loui Loui…. Oh, Loui Loui

Loui, well aren’t you a beautiful boy! That beautiful blue-grey coat, the white breastplate and big smile upon your face… I so wish I could pet you and let you know it’ll be all right. Your person will come, and when the two of you meet furever friends you’ll be!
Delano Shelter dog ID:

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Meet Molly!

Molly urgently needs a home of her own!
Molly urgently needs a home of her own!

This is Molly and she urgently needs to  find a forever family. The shelter Molly  has been staying at has only one empty  kennel at this time and miss Molly has  been at the shelter for 3 weeks with no  interest by the public. Molly has a sweet  spirit and if you’re looking to adopt a dog  in the Texas area please consider visiting  Molly at The Colony Animal Shelter. Continue reading

Seeking Someone to Love — Yes, Pit Bulls Are People Too!

I have a dreamI am a pit bull lover. Yep, it’s true I believe pit bulls are the best dog in the world if you’re someone who wants a sweet, affectionate, social butterfly who would do anything you want for your love and attention then a pit bull may be the right dog for you and your family. They will easily become your best friend because, like many people, all they are seeking in life is true love and a little bit of kindness. Continue reading