Join Me in the Venture of Independent Filmmaking!

Okay, so you cannot really join me unless you walk away from your life, sacrificing all your sources of energy, time, income and working appliances to move here, however you can still help get an independent film “in the can” and “ready for bed.”

How? By helping to fund the production costs. Filmmaking is expensive, even the “low budget” stuff. This is independent, low budget and high quality. I’m not comparing Kimmy With It to Dirty Dancing, I only want to remind you that low budget does not necessarily equal bad results. I mean that little movie made a star out of Patrick Swayze and turned the already recognizable Jennifer Grey into a household name in the late 80s and even got a re-release in theaters for its 10-year anniversary — and that’s just talking about America. It’s continually being re-released in other countries, even as recently as this year! So toss away your erroneous thinking that small budgets and crowdfunding can only lead to garbage… I think I have just proven it just ain’t* so.

If you are interested in helping some starving artists produce a funny, funny film and then get to see your name in lights, okay well, not in the lights of a marquee, but pixellated lights on a television, telephone, computer screen or pad near you, then head on over to GoFundMe.

I did it and now I’m challenging each of you to be good little minions and do the same. It’s quick, it’s easy, and only a little painful. I’ll thank you now and the world will thank you later!

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*And, by the way, “ain’t” is now in the dictionary so I guess it’s now a word. But I gotta say, it’s still a fun little pneumonic device: “Ain’t ain’t a word ’cause it ain’t in the dictionary!”

Free Speech Freaks Given New Hope in Ribbing North Korea

via | Breaking Broken News.nork21Prominent, but still sub-viral site has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to create a free-to-download video criticizing the regime.

The goal is to create a wicked, biting satirical film criticizing the totalitarian dynastic regime in North Korea.

The film would feature paid actors, paid crew, and a tight production schedule.

It would be biting and critical, but not anti-Korean. The Korean people are strong, smart and loyal, but their leaders are a virtual circus sideshow of oppressive and abusive idiots, all ripe for satirizing.Brian K. White

The script is already well under way, but practical production steps cannot start until funding reaching around $3-4,000.

It is hoped that we’ll be able to include at least two musical numbers, and if the funding goals are met, they’ll be original pieces rather than those culled from the public domain.

So far, the fundraising has been lackluster. And by lackluster, I mean that no one has bothered to post so much as a single penny, but it’s still only a few hours old.

Jump on this early. Give until it hurts. America and the world deserve this degree of freedom. Thumb your noses at the tyrannical bullies and let them know we won’t be silenced. Go to Go Fund Me to find out about the different sponsorship levels and for the love of all things holy, get involved.