Buyer Beware: There’s a Spamming Devil Out There!

Devil whispering in the antichrist's ear
Deeds of the Antichrist by Luca Signorelli;  1501


I was just going through all of the spam that has been swept away from my blog, site unseen and came across a “comment” that WordPress recognized as spam and spirited away on my behalf. The sender spoke about a “personal experience” and finding a spell caster to resolve the issues. I found it funny. I have friends who are “witches”. I don’t ask much. I figure it is more of a deviation of druids or something, you know nature and such, not the devil.  I don’t figure it’s my job to save them from themselves. I don’t think they need saving.  We all worship and value different things. It is my belief that God loves us so much He gave us freedom of choice and we should respect the choices others make for their own lives. I also believe that God knows everything we will choose, every path we will take because He is ever present… past, present and future.  He loves me. He loves you. He’s got us covered.

But this particular comment felt different than how my friends talk.  It felt thick and deceptive, it felt like a wolf cloaked in sheepskin.  It intrigued me. I read it and now I’m sharing my thoughts with you.

Maybe I have changed, I don’t know. I know that everytime I read in the comment about my so-called need for a spell caster I thought to myself, BUT GOD TAKES CARE OF ME. I DON’T NEED MAGIC. I DON’T NEED TO MANIPULATE THE UNIVERSE OR INVITE EVIL TO CROSS MY DOORSTEP.  I continued to read the entire post. I noticed that despite the language appearing to be friendly and informative and hiding it’s true purpose that the writer, claiming to be without affiliation had a login name that included the 666. I thought that was funny too. Then at the end, just above the how to contact this “spell caster” she leaves the following list of things this man, this doctor, this spell caster can remedy.

Contact him for the following:

(1)If you want your ex back.
(2)If you always have bad dreams.
(3)You want to be promoted in your office.
(4)You want women/men to run after you.
(5)If you want a child.
(6)You want to be rich.
(7)You want to tie your husband/wife to be yours forever.
(8)If you need financial assistance.
(9)Herbal care
10)Help bringing people out of prison
11)HIV/AIDS and cancer cure.
12)Revenge and death spell.
13)Lottery winning spell.
14)Money spell.

Contact him today on:

Again, I just had to laugh… these are selfish desires.  One thing I am not, is selfish. Yes, I am a sinner.  But they certainly knocked on the wrong blog’s door. To conclude:

Buyer Beware:  The Devil is spamming for souls!  Personally, I think I’ll stick with God and my Savior, Jesus Christ. They have always done right by me, even when I didn’t necessary like it.  Thanks but no thanks.

Get Behind me, Satan!

Here’s what I do not understand about WordPress

wordpress question markI use WordPress as a writing and publishing program. I have my own domain address:, which I pay WordPress to host for about $70 a year.  If I am paying WordPress seventy bucks to host my site why can I not also utilize WordPress plug-ins to make my site even more cool, functionally as well as visually?

And, taking it a step further, why can I not monetize my off-Wordpress domain using something like Google Adsense for example? I am paying for a domain offsite, offsite, it’s not their site, it is my site. I totally get them not wanting us to make money on their site, but on my own site which I am simply paying them hosting fees for using their servers? That is how the rest of the web works, isn’t it? We pay, GoDaddy or whomever to use their servers but the site is ours and we can make money, sell stuff or whatever we want within the boundary of state, federal and world laws? Couldn’t WordPress make it so if someone is viewing our site via WordPress it is ad-free, but if it is viewed directly from the exclusive domain address couldn’t it have ads if we so choose?

It bugs me. I am writing content and WordPress is making money off my writing… or is it my vanity?  I mean, I could be writing content for other websites and they would pay me for it… but I want my own site.  Why can I not also make money off of my writing? I feel that I am giving all my money away to WordPress and yet feel like I am getting little for it other than a processing tool.

Anyway, just my rant for the day… perhaps I am about to spiral downward (ah, bipolar, I love you!)

P.S. (aka an added afterthought) I am sorry WordPress family and community, I do get a TON from you!  I certainly did not mean to disregard the value all of you have in my growth!

UPDATE: I just found this article helpful and so I am going to share it with you: com vs. org>