Unexpected things come and go in our lives, things we cannot foresee. Saturday was one such day.  I have been helping a girlfriend who has been trying to rebuild her life after escaping a domestic violence situation with her young son.  I guess I have been running around too much because on Monday night when I went into the bathroom to wash my face I saw that my right eye was bloody.  I am not talking pink like you’d have if you caught conjunctivitis aka pinkeye.  I am talking full-on blood red.

I could see out of the eye so I knew the optic nerve had not been ripped away and I had not actually felt anything happen.  In fact, I had not even rubbed my eyes that day.  They had felt moist and did not even become the recipient of a single eyelash, so, of course, as many neurotic people do, I allowed my brain to begin whirling and winning away at the possibilities… a stroke?  an aneurism?  Would my family discover me sitting in the living room with the computer on my lap, phone at my side, arms limps and eyes wide open without a breath of life exuding from my nose, my mouth, my lungs???

Anyway, I tell you this because I’ve been really busy helping my girlfriend because her needs outweigh my own and I also need to rest my eye.  My entire right eye is dark with blood.  There is no white to be seen.  It’s really creepy and scary looking and even hurts mildly.  Anyway, these are the reasons I have been away from my task of keeping you, my loyal readers, nourished with the meanderings of my mind.  I just simply haven’t had time to meander, I’ve been facing things head-on.

So I just uploaded a gofundme account for my girlfriend.  I’ve known her since we were children.  Maybe you will find heart and compassion in her story and pass it along or help her and her boy out:


And now I’ve got to get off the computer as my eye is really, really starting to throb from looking at the screen too long. I’m told it may take a week or a little more to heal.  I’ll try my best to keep up with all of you.  In the meantime, live well and be safe!

☀ Memee

ouch my eye

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      1. If I can remember correctly, it did drain throughout the eye. it was also sensitive to light, so i had to wear sunglasses in bright light. it really just takes time.


So, any thoughts?

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