Cheeshead flanked by 12th man Legion of Boom
Photo provided by

Centurylink Field is awash with what could be considered the two biggest NFL fan bases in America to watch the Seattle’s Legion of Boom take on the Cheeseheads of Green Bay!

I live in the Seattle area so you know I am among the scores of Washingtonians wearing all their 12th Man Hawk Gear. My cousin Stephanie, who lives in Montana grew up watching the Packers with Grampa Charlie. I am sure she’s all geared up for today’s game too. Unfortunately, I am working today. But that’s okay, because I will be streaming the game live at FOX Sports GO while simultaneously messaging with Stephanie via Facebook! It’s gonna be a helluva game for us, but we’ve promised we have only 5 days of heckling after the game and then, respect and cheering on today’s winner at Super Bowl XLIX.

If you logged on to my blog to see some PREDICTIONS you’re in luck!

I predict that if you’re one of the lucky thousands at the game you’ll be having a rip-roaring time!

For game predictions please visit:

So, any thoughts?

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