Ice packs make everything better.
Ice packs make everything better.

What am I grateful for? Ice Packs. Yes, you heard me, ice packs! I am gathering quite a collection of them. I think I like the ones with the beads the best because they don’t ever feel lumpy or too frightfully freezing.

Why Ice Packs? Well, they work on basically anything and everything and this past two weeks I’ve had a lot of chronic pain, the kind of pain that makes it nearly impossible to open my eyes, to stand erect, to sit still, to walk, to talk and even breathe — I did a lot of shallow breathing — that’s right, taking breath into my lungs was physically painful to my neck, my back, my chest and shoulder. It totally sucked (no pun intended). Anyway, if it weren’t for my horde of ice packs numbing every tight or frozen muscle into recovery mode I don’t think I’d have made it through with my sanity intact. And thank goodness, as of today, I feel normal again because in an hour I have to go to work. And working always, always, always aggravates my neuropathy and misalignments and sometimes even triggers a migraine attack. So I am grateful that I will be starting work today at “normal” pain levels instead of “FUCK IF I’M NOT DYING I WISH I WERE!!!”

Thank you, Ice Packs, thank you for taking such good care of me!

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      1. I have a friend who use to buy little Dixie cups and fill them with water and freeze them. He used these for ice massage. I personally throw ice cubes in a zip lock Baggie which can be reused. You just have to make certain you wrap the Baggie in some sort of towel or cloth – or some sort of clothing barrier. Placing the bag directly on the skin can cause damage – frostbite. And of course there is always the bag of frozen peas/corn in the freezer that can be used if you are in an immediate need without a bag of ice cubes;)

        As a dancer, I used to take baths in water with ice cubes and my fave was the garbage can filled with ice cubes – used for the Achilles’ tendon aches:). Gee, when the ballet company was on tour, the hotels would hate us because we managed to empty all of the ice machines!!!


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