Rules by Moyamoyya

Nobody likes rules when they are inconvenient. However, in most cases rules create structure. And this is the case with any blogging event.  I am sad to report that we had a very low showing for Memee’s Poetry Party this month.

If you are unfamiliar with Memee’s Poetry Parties they are mid-monthly events for bloggers of poetry. The great thing about blogging events, especially events such as this one, is that it can allow a widespread exposure to the minds and eyeballs probing the Internet for new and interesting material to read. However, for it to work, all participants must spread the word by challenging friends to participate and following the rules set out for whatever blogging event you choose to participate in.

I want to thank everyone who participated. Poets, each of you will be receiving Honorable Mention badges in your emails, however, I feel I must be a stickler to the rules and, therefore, will not be tossing surprises from the floats this month. Please be sure and check the rules when you prepare to participate in future poetry parties so that we can, once again, have a successful event.

Artist: Moyamoyya
Image Courtesy of: deviant art

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