KotaKota was relinquished to the Columbiana County Dog Pound in Lisbon, Ohio, along with his best friend Kona. He is a young, neutered male Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix. The thing about Cattle Dogs is that when they are puppies they are about the most adorable dog on the planet but during their adolescent years they go kinda crazy, just like hormone-infused humans do. However, once they hit about 3 or 4 years old they settle down into a perfect family dog. They desire lots of attention from the family but give back in spades!

Unfortunately for Kota and all the other animals at that facility, there is no extra space and so he has been put on the clock for euthenasia August 28th, 2015 (though that date could always get moved up). If you have space for Kota in your life and your heart, if you have time to devote to training and loving him, if you can be patient and wait for him to reach his maturity he might be exactly the dog of your dreams.

Here is what the pound posted on his behalf:

Hello, my name is Kota. I’m 1-2 years old and I weigh about 40 lbs. I was dumped here at the pound in a kennel with my best friend Kona on July 3rd… yeah… big booms, barking dogs here at the pound, new place… needless to say we were absolutely terrified and it took the pound a few days to get us to warm up but I have really warmed up nicely. My friend is still a little more shy. I’m a real sweet boy! I am pretty calm for the most part and I warm up to strangers pretty easily, especially if they’ve got treats for me! I get along well with the other dogs I have met since I have been here at the pound too. If you’re looking a sweet dog to add to your family, please consider adopting me. I appear to be in good health. I have been given my Parvo/ Distemper vaccine and my Bordatella vaccine and I have been given 3 days of panacur dewormer.

Please remember that raising a dog is as much of a commitment as raising a child. Do not adopt him if you cannot provide for all of his physical and emotional needs. Be a responsible puppy parent: Consider your lifestyle, the dog’s needs for his breed as well as his physical and emotional support.

To learn more about Kota (and perhaps his best friend Kona as well) contact the Columbiana County Dog Pound in Lisbon, Ohio, by dialing (330) 424-6663.

So, any thoughts?

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