Yes, I know today is Thursday and so what the heck am I doing posting such a negatively titled post? Well, it’s about being grateful despite the lack of perfection.

As many of you know I made big changes last October when I enrolled in online university and then packed my things and moved to California to live with a married couple I had barely met so I could help them with their impossible daycare needs. It seemed the perfect solution. They have someone responsible, kind, loving and of high integrity available 24/7 and I have a roof over my head and very little expenses.

After my return from vacationing back home in the Seattle area where I was reunited with my 21-year-old amazing son, I came home to a less than luke warm response. The father is still exactly as he always was: kind, friendly, warm. The wife however ignores my presence even when I am speaking with her. I have no idea what has changed. And I know that it is nothing that I have done. He says everything is fine. I think I’ll be moving within the next 90 days. But I don’t know as I’m not being told anything. Only time will tell.

What I do know is that I am grateful that for now I have a warm room to rest at night. There are so many homeless people living in America these days as the cost of living outweighs the ability to earn. I am thankful that I am not one of them. I can bare this cold front with calm and grace. Please pray for me to land somewhere safe at the end of each day.


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  1. You will be fine. God has kept you in his good graces so far and he never puts you through something you can’t handle. So, as you are grateful now, remain that way. Thanks for sharing. This was delightful! Sorry about the “wife” though… :/

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  2. Unfortunately, the world contains large numbers of miserable people. Their goal is to feel better by making you feel worse than they feel. The best thing is to allow yourself to be as happy as you can. Misery lacks faith and will. Good luck darling!

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  3. Talk to her privately and ask her if there’s anything you’ve done that has offended her or made her uncomfortable. If she avoids saying what it is, then you’ll at least know it’s her problem and not yours. I’ve had the same issue with my next-door neighbor, and although it seems we’ve resolved the issue, we never discussed what was wrong. I put it down to stress over several personal issues in her life, and over-sensitivity because of holiday stress on mine. I’m sorry you have to move, but it’s probably for the best. Who needs to live with that kind of treatment?


    1. I’m not moving until I am asked to. Moving would probably lead to the necessity of dropping out of school as I cannot juggle working full time and going to school full time.

      Thank you for your sincere advice. Everything was great when I left and all wrong when I returned. I cannot imagine how I could have possible done anything, not being here at the time she flipped. Perhaps, like all of us, she has good times and bad. I’ll give it a bit more time to see if the tide will turn again or if this is something that needs discussed.


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