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While hopping blogs of those who’re also participating in the Color Your World challenge I discovered another blog hop I thought I’d dip my feet into and share with you. The Just Jot It January blog hop. Honestly, it was the cute badge that drew me to it and the idea of a jot (Merriam-Webster’s definition 2: A very small amount) was appealing to me too.

This of course is, as always, turning into something longer than a jot. But the challenge of it, perhaps will help teach me to be more succinct in my writing. (Or not!)

Here’s my intended jot; it’s just a couple things I want to remember and two SMART* goals:

1. Carbonite online storage. Highly recommended by my teacher, “Is Awesome. Works perfectly. Runs constantly in the background.” Less than $20 a year she thinks. Look into it!

2. Get unbiased car insurance comparison quotes at Provide Savings (all 50 states).


Next 7 days: Pass into 160 WPM. Next 12 Months: Graduate.

Okay, that’s my jot. What’s yours? Click on the cute badge above to participate and learn the rules. BTW, photos or artwork count because you still have to name the post and that becomes the jot! Easy-peasy!

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