American Dogs: Comfort for Independance


Tweet: If you're dog suffers from bouts of anxiety there may be an answer:  (and other great dog info).For 240 years America’s dogs have tolerated our Independence Day shenanigans. Whether we are taking them on a trip or dressing them up and parading them around town, blowing up fireworks, or simply leaving them home alone while we go out to celebrate America’s birthday  one thing we cannot ignore is that the 4th of July causes more stress and anxiety to our favorite pets than probably every other day of the year (except perhaps vaccination day).

I have been fortunate that with the exception of one occasion my dogs have successfully managed their own stress levels successfully. The one year we had a problem, we happened to be living in an extremely noisy apartment complex (I mean, it was horribly loud always, but most especially at night.) And my dear sweet Forest jumped on my bed and peed right there in the middle of my duvet cover. That was several years ago and we have not had any problems since that time.

Some dogs however have such a terrible fright each year that their owners take the risk and expense of giving their beloved pets sedatives (hopefully via a vet or veterinary assistant). Well, now their appears to be a better way. The product is called ThunderShirt and it is a dog anxiety vest.  It is too late to buy this product for tonight’s explosive excitements, but check it out, it may help alleviate your furbaby’s future anxiety — and yes, they do make them for cats as well!

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This dog is not looking for a home… and you’ll be disappointed!

Patient PittieAnyone who knows anything about pits knows that they will do whatever it takes to be loved by their owner.  It’s part of the reason they get a bad rap… if humans only give attention to their pit when they are misbehaving, like a child that is neglected, it will perform the negative behavior because some attention is always better than no attention.  If the human owner treats the dog abusively, throwing things at him, hitting or kicking him, yelling at him, like a child imitating a violent father, he will learn to be aggressive. And then you have those evil, evil humans who fight them.

Pit Bulls are one of the most patient and loving dogs you can get.  And of course, like any mixed breed “mutt” he’ll have less medical problems then a purebred.

Educate yourself before calling fowl on a pit bull!

I hope you enjoy the photos of this wonderfully patient pittie as much as our family did. I don’t know who took them, when or where they were originally uploaded. I saw it on Pinterest, and their link led back to however, the photo is marked Visit at your own risk, I’ve not done so.

(Please educate yourself about the discrimination and negative propaganda campaign being promulgated against these wonderful dogs before you simply walk past them. I highly recommend the documentary Beyond the Myth which you can stream on Netflix, purchase or rent on Amazon or even Youtube for $1.99.)

It Has Been Said

bunny+and+ducklingIt has been said that April showers bring May flowers
I like to say The Earth comes alive:
the flora, the fauna and it’s peoples too!

All that’s alive sparkles bright, fresh and new.
Butterflies flutter o’er here and o’er there
as robins scramble upon the grass in search of
foods and bright colored ribbons to take to their nest.

The sweet fragrance of lilacs, roses and more
awakens my spirit and brightens by soul.
The warmth of sunshine upon my skin
puts a skip in my step and a song in my heart.

Baby Bunnies, fluffy ducks and yellow balls of fluff,
learning to hop, to quack, to chirp
following their mothers in a row
between the daffodils white and yellow.

Tulips of red, bright pink and deep purple
are given by lovers in sweet smelling bouquets
longings of love each spring renewed.

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Bonded Pair: Snohomish Love

Seeking Love Saturdays is in part about finding great homes for canine friends in need. And this one comes close to home for me, close as in proximity. Washington State residents, especially those living in Snohomish County please prick up your ears and open your hearts. I found this on Facebook and it tugged at my heartstrings because, as most of my minions know, I love my own dog so very much.

If you are settled in this area, have a yard, or even better yet a chunk of land, and are ready to commit yourself to two wonderful dogs this bonded pair needs to be re-homed for their own happiness. Their human family wants what is best for them and, therefore have to give them up. Best for these two dogs would be to stay together. Here is the story of Snickers and Twixie: Continue reading

Loui Loui…. Oh, Loui Loui

Loui, well aren’t you a beautiful boy! That beautiful blue-grey coat, the white breastplate and big smile upon your face… I so wish I could pet you and let you know it’ll be all right. Your person will come, and when the two of you meet furever friends you’ll be!
Delano Shelter dog ID:

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I’m a Little Prince!

Princeton wants to be your best friend!
Princeton wants to be your best friend!

Seeking love this week is this 8-week old terrier mix. He is full of life, as all puppies are, will need obedience training (as all puppies do), continued potty training (as all babies do), and continued socialization with other animals and people. None of these needs are exceptional.

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A Furever Family Miracle: Gunnar’s Story!

Gunnar at home with his brother... reunited at last!
Gunnar at home with his brother… reunited at last!

We love our animals and our animals love us. I cannot understand how it is that there are so many people who think that a pet is nothing more than a possession that can be thrown away when the animal becomes inconvenient. It is my unwavering belief that animals have souls and that makes it downright impossible to stand aside and do nothing. And so when I created my blog I knew I needed to make space for the animals and that is how Seeking Love Saturdays came about.

Here is the story of Gunnar Karl who disappeared from his yard in Verona, Pennsylvania and was missing for 20-months. His story will have you crying with joy.

Gunnar’s disappearance in the summer of 2013, left his canine brother to feel lost and alone while his human family pulled out all of the stops desperately trying to locate him. But, Gunnar was nowhere to be found. Finally, they gave up hope, as any of us would, that they would ever hold, play and talk with their beloved pooch again.

Meanwhile, there were ongoing reports of a loose dog in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Agents at the City of Pittsburgh Animal Care & Control found themselves on a hunt of their own: to find and capture the dog that was outsmarting them.

This dog was smart.* He knew that these humans trying to capture him were strangers and was fearful of their intent.  He would quickly respond to their tactics, avoiding capture by running off into the 644-acre Frick Park, where he lived by his wit and his instinct to hunt and scavenge.  Despite months of ongoing sightings and searches, which included efforts to track him using footprints in the snow, the dog remained free of human capture and the safety they were trying to afford him.

The efforts of these tireless men and women to rescue this dog that had evaded capture for so long eventually did pay off. The dog was captured and taken to the Animal Rescue League for care. And it was there that thanks to a microchip he was identified as Gunner, the dog that had gone missing in a neighboring community nearly two years earlier!

And on Wednesday, Gunnar was reunited with his human family.2 They were of course overjoyed to see him, but what they got from him in return was even more heartwarming!

Watch the video and see what I mean:

*I like to imagine that his canine brother was out in the car, excitedly awaiting the return of his brother Gunnar, who he could smell for the first time in, well, for a dog, an eternity!

2In fact, he was so smart he returns home no longer lean like his brother but fat and happy from all of those nutty-lovin’ squirrels!

Video credit: Steve Stoehr, Allegheny County Dog Warden