Dutchess needs a kingdom, NOW!
Dutchess needs a kingdom, NOW!

This is Dutchess. She is a very sweet, mix breed girl, only 3 years old current on her shots and fixed. Sadly she urgently needs to find a forever family NOW! The shelter Dutchess has been staying at is filled to maximum capacity and this beautiful, sweet baby’s Doomsday clock is winding down.

You may not be in the Elizabethtown neighborhood, but luckily for Dutchess, this is one of those shelters that transports to nearby states if the adoptive family is the right fit.

It is important that you evaluate your life circumstances before bringing any pet into your home. It is important that the pet you choose to adopt fits your lifestyle and your environment. Seeking Love Saturdays is my way of helping homeless animals find furever homes.

If you think that you can provide Dutchess with a kingdom of her own, remember, this particular shelter generally has transportation available up and down the East Coast from NC, VA, MD, NJ, PA, NY and the North East.

If you are serious about bringing Dutchess home to your kingdom please telephone or text the shelter at 910-876-0539.  For more information about Dutchess please visit Dutchess’ info page.  She is scheduled for euthanasia tomorrow, February 22nd, which will bring an end to her young doggy life, so please post this on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Let’s find her that kingdom she’s been dreaming of!

*Dogs in Danger! is not a shelter. They neither have dogs for adoption nor do they kill dogs. They are simply an intercessor between the public and the shelters, a national listing service that the shelter’s use to get these specific dogs additional notice… giving a face to the millions of animals that we kill each year.

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  1. Sorry to hear. I hate when people attempt to buy these Frankenstein hybrid animals when there are so many animals that need a home. Hopefully someone will adopt her.


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