Be a Champion for Animals! Do it, Do it Meow!

Looking for a rewarding volunteer activity that gives back?  Have you considered fostering an animal?  So many animals need a safe place to rest their heads and shelters just don’t have enough space, so they will foster out animals.  This is good for the animals because they learn socialization and it is a fun and exciting way to give back to the community.  If you love to go for hikes in the mountains… maybe fostering is for you.  If you like to go swimming in a warm lake, maybe fostering is for you…  fostering an animal does not mean that you have to give up doing the things you love, incorporate the animal into your lifestyle and activities and the experience becomes even more rewarding for both you and the animal. Continue reading

The Tinkling of a Bell

I just heard the lightest tinkling of a bell ringing, I lifted my head and glanced to my right as the above movie clip ran through my mind… and then I came back to reality and realized a Christmas ornament had fallen off the tree. I guess it’s time to take the tree down before any more ornaments end up breaking * this year.

So far, 2015 feels so much better than 2014 ever did. I hope it’s working out that way for you too! Seven days ’til February, start giving out hugs ‘just because’ and find the positive everywhere!

*So as many of my readers know I have a fabulous best friend, Forest. He doesn’t suffer from depression and always makes me happy… his tail is always a’waggin. This year I made the mistake of putting a gorgeous handpainted blown-egg Christmas ornament of the Puget Sound low on the tree. Welp, it happened, his tail broke the shell despite it’s being a good 3-feet off the ground.

Love: Defined

The word love… it represents everything. It is what we long and dream of; it is the subject of epic novels, great songs and touching movies; it is the one thing we will sacrifice anything for; it can make the colors of the world brighter and more vibrant and life exciting, thrilling and fulfilling; it is what we all seek and something that some never truly find. Love gives us a reason to live. And for some it can destroy everything. Sometimes the word is used casually and does not hold much meaning but that is not the love we need. We need true love… Continue reading

We are all the Lord’s Shepherds

I am thankful for all of the moments of kindness and compassion people show to animals.  They don’t do it because they’ll get something back from it, they do it because they recognize that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. They understand that it is what we are meant to do.  They understand that “dominion over animals” means it is our duty to protect and safeguard the animals, feed them and care for them when they cannot help themselves.  We are all God’s creatures and we all need special attention sometimes.  Further, we are all the Lord’s shepherds, but only some of us recognize it.  And I am thankful these people walk upon this earth with me.