I just heard the lightest tinkling of a bell ringing, I lifted my head and glanced to my right as the above movie clip ran through my mind… and then I came back to reality and realized a Christmas ornament had fallen off the tree. I guess it’s time to take the tree down before any more ornaments end up breaking * this year.

So far, 2015 feels so much better than 2014 ever did. I hope it’s working out that way for you too! Seven days ’til February, start giving out hugs ‘just because’ and find the positive everywhere!

*So as many of my readers know I have a fabulous best friend, Forest. He doesn’t suffer from depression and always makes me happy… his tail is always a’waggin. This year I made the mistake of putting a gorgeous handpainted blown-egg Christmas ornament of the Puget Sound low on the tree. Welp, it happened, his tail broke the shell despite it’s being a good 3-feet off the ground.

So, any thoughts?

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