Dear Reflection

As September was Suicide Prevention Month and our family lost someone the last week of August to suicide I felt that we should explore this topic with our poetry. Writing heals. And talking, sharing our thoughts with others keeps things from becoming taboo subjects. If we talk about it then perhaps people who are feeling hopeless and lost and are thinking of suicide may find the courage to speak up and ask for help. I know that if our loved one had shared his feelings we would have done whatever we could to help him to heal and perhaps we could have saved his life. And so the #ASKFORHELP Poetry Party came into being.

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When Do We Decide To Commit Suicide

NOTE: Dear reader, this post talks openly about suicide. If this is a trigger, please do not read it at this time. Thank you. May peace come to you in your valley.

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Author: Chris

I attempted suicide on 9/14/14.

I had been on the noose for about 45 minutes.

I am fortunate. I had friends that saved me.

I hope that my words may provide some closure for those that may still be seeking answers. A small bit of understanding to answer the question, “Why?” My family and friends are fortunate because I am able to answer those questions for. I am fortunate to be alive and explain it to them.
When Do We Decide to Commit Suicide “It’s the easy way out.”Psh! Friend if you’re that deep, it’s the ONLY way out.

“He just wanted attention.” I wanted peace.

“He was so selfish.” I wasn’t thinking of anybody.

So when does it all become too much to handle? At what point does a person reach that tipping point in which they decide to take their own life? What makes them act on their will? I am not an expert, nor a psychologist. I have no certifications, dissertations, or doctorates.





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Last Chance… Do it now!

So it is Wednesday once again. My minions know that Wednesdays mean the Words Crush Wednesday challenge; however, this Wednesday also coincides with the end of September’s #askforhelp challenge at #Memeespoetryparties happening monthly. Today is your last chance to cast your vote for favorite poem this month. There are prizes to be won and the poets need your help to win the acclaim they desire… not to mention hear from you your thoughts on their writing.

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VOTE YOUR FAVORITE | Memee's MusingsNow is the time, minions! Aspiring poets have uploaded their poetic thoughts on the challenging topic of suicide and it is your turn to read and vote for your favorite!

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5 Reasons to join the #ASKFORHELP poetry challenge!

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Anonymous suicide prevention hotlines are available in most countries.
  1. Speak out!  Keeping quiet, keeping secrets keeps things taboo.  Let’s not make suicide a topic we’re afraid to talk about.  Sometimes just letting other people know you’re open to talking, is enough to save a life.
  2. Delve deep into your own psyche… what lurks under your conscious thoughts in regard to suicide?
  3. Get the word out and help raise awareness. It is, after all, Suicide Prevention Month!
  4. Challenge and push your poetic boundaries.
  5. Connect with other poets who may positively inspire you.

Submission deadline is September 24th. Submit now!

Voting begins on the 25th, so get your followers to vote for you at the link-up, voting will conclude at 23:55 PST on September 30th. Vote now!

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#askforhelp Poetry Challenge

#askforhelp | Memee's MusingsWell everyone, next week it will be the one-year milestone of my father’s passing. It was a horrible, horrible time for all of us and yet this is in many ways worse.

This month, September, is Suicide Prevention Month.

Just over two weeks ago, my son’s very best friend committed suicide while away at college. He was super intelligent, funny, talented, wise beyond his years, kind, thoughtful, non-judgmental and 100% genuine. He loved science, cooking, travelling, camping and affection. He was a talented painter, an outstanding cook and a hard, dedicated worker. He remained affectionate toward his mother and adored his younger brother. He was the safe harbor every friend needed. He profoundly impacted the lives of everyone he knew.

His dormitory was only 6 hours away yet he felt devastatingly lonely being apart from his home base; his mom, brother, and friends that were as close as family can be. He had many friends there at college, but it just wasn’t the same. His parents did what they could to try to help. They got him a mental health counselor and when that did not seem to help they encouraged him to come home. He could finish his degree from here. Over summer break, he seemed to be doing better and by the end of the break he told them he only had this last year left and that he could manage it. And so despite their hesitations, took him at his word and allowed him to return to that place he was so very lonely at. Three days into classes he decided to take his life. All he had to do was pick up the phone and someone would have been there to help him gather his things and come home.

This month’s poetry challenge is on the topic of suicide and submissions will begin tomorrow. Writing helps me to heal. Please join me in this difficult challenge. Write from any direction you want. The pain causing you to want to leave this planet, the anger at someone who has left, the pain of losing that person, the impact it has on others, the future that is lost. Whatever direction you want, wherever this challenge takes you, write it, post it in your blog and then add it to the linky party.

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Submission deadline is September 24th. Voting begins on the 25th, so get your followers to vote for you at the link-up, voting will conclude at 23:55 PST on September 30th.

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And lastly, I leave you with this video that was posted to Facebook in honor and memory of our wonderful Baily.

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