The holidays have arrived and with it comes so much hustle and bustle, fun and frolic but the best part of each holiday is the traditions we create with our families and revisit each year and down through the generations.

This one came across my Facebook feed the other day. And I love it. Use that spare pumpkin that you didn’t cut for Halloween as your Thanksgiving Pumpkin. That’s right, the morning after Halloween begin celebrating Thanksgiving! How? Every day write on your pumpkin something you are thankful for . You can have one pumpkin per person or one pumpkin for all. You can have everyone contribute something each day or take turns naming the item of gratitude.

The most difficult thing about appreciation and gratitude is acknowledging it. This is a beautiful way to acknowledge the blessings that are in our life and results in a wonderful centerpiece or decorations for the Thanksgiving family gathering.  I like that this tradition has us practicing gratitude every day, even if it is just for a couple of weeks, it is powerful.

I hope your children will embrace this tradition and pass it along to their little ones someday.  There can never be too much gratitude in the world and today we seem to live in a world of too little.  So let’s get our Thanksgiving Pumpkins started and build this Holiday back into the wonderful day of humble appreciation it once was.
Thanksgiving Pumpkin | Memee's Musings

Happy Thanksgiving, Minions, you’re on my virtual pumpkin!

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The Peter Falk Bill… Let’s Make it Law!

Father and DaughterCongratulations to my incredible friend Catherine Falk on news that the State of New York recognizes all of her incredible efforts and work toward creating a nation that recognizes and supports the rights of adult children to visit their ailing parents… The Peter Falk Bill. Let’s let all the states know that every child deserves legal visitation rights regardless of age, divorce or blood status!

Tweet: Congratulations to the #CatherineFalkOrganization for the grounds they've made in #California and #New York with #PeterFalk #PeterFalkbill!

Please visit and like her advocacy page on Facebook and suggest it to your friends. And, as always, if you or someone you know has been blocked or is currently being blocked from seeing their ailing parents, please write your story down and send it to the Catherine Falk Organization so they can add your story to their national call of action because this is something that doesn’t just happen to families of celebrities or the wealthy… it is happening in all social classes so stand up and let your voice be heard!

In order to pass legislation, stories from people currently struggling with visitation of an ailing parent, become important to the assembly and viability of the issue. As well, we may be able to help with your issue

And just a reminder, it is now easier than ever to contact your assemblymen, congressmen, and senators to ask for change! So please, for our nation, do your part!

Tweet: Let your legislature know that adult children of ailing parents deserve legal visitation rights!#PeterFalkbill

*The two above tweet buttons are preformatted to make it quick, easy and painless for you to get the word out that you believe every child should fundamentally be allowed to visit their ailing parents. If you would like to create your own tweet about this post, click the blue circle with the twitter bird below (or share using any of those buttons). Please feel free also to reblog this on your own blogs. The more people who talk about it, the greater the chances that we end the cruelty that occurs when adult children are not allowed to see dying parents who cannot speak up for themselves. Thank you!



Cousins, they are the children we grow up with and call best friends.
Cousins, they are like a brother or a sister but you don’t ever feel sick of them.  Cousins, they share your grandparents.  They share your traditions.
Cousins remember the part of the story you always forget.
Cousins… oh, how I love my cousins.


Thanksgiving Spanksgiving
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It happens every year. Time speeds up, the days fly by and before it could realistically be possible, we find ourselves in the grip of the holidays. It is totally ridiculous that Christmas Carols are playing throughout the malls and department stores the day after Halloween. It is even more ridiculous that in chain stores like Fred Meyer, Walgreen’s, Bartell’s, Walmart, K-mart, Target, and so many others you will find shelved side-by-side in mid-October both Halloween and Christmas decorations… What??? Yep, every year retailers across America thrust the Christmas season upon us just a little bit earlier. It used to be subtle and we weren’t really aware of it. But now… Oh’mgosh! Thanksgiving is still a week away and the U.S. Forest Service began issuing Christmas Tree-Cutting permits for our local forests six days ago (Nov 14) and as would of course follow, the Christmas tree lots are jumping in on the market, seven days before Thanksgiving themselves. The fast-forward button needs to stop. Big Business, you’re taking it too far! Continue reading