The holidays have arrived and with it comes so much hustle and bustle, fun and frolic but the best part of each holiday is the traditions we create with our families and revisit each year and down through the generations.

This one came across my Facebook feed the other day. And I love it. Use that spare pumpkin that you didn’t cut for Halloween as your Thanksgiving Pumpkin. That’s right, the morning after Halloween begin celebrating Thanksgiving! How? Every day write on your pumpkin something you are thankful for . You can have one pumpkin per person or one pumpkin for all. You can have everyone contribute something each day or take turns naming the item of gratitude.

The most difficult thing about appreciation and gratitude is acknowledging it. This is a beautiful way to acknowledge the blessings that are in our life and results in a wonderful centerpiece or decorations for the Thanksgiving family gathering.  I like that this tradition has us practicing gratitude every day, even if it is just for a couple of weeks, it is powerful.

I hope your children will embrace this tradition and pass it along to their little ones someday.  There can never be too much gratitude in the world and today we seem to live in a world of too little.  So let’s get our Thanksgiving Pumpkins started and build this Holiday back into the wonderful day of humble appreciation it once was.
Thanksgiving Pumpkin | Memee's Musings

Happy Thanksgiving, Minions, you’re on my virtual pumpkin!

Bonus soundtrack video:

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