So here we are at Blogging101, the first assignment: Introduce Yourself!

Where to start? Well, I am a lifetime journaler, a longtime editor/proofreader to a blogger* who began before blogging was blogging — Blog? That’s not a word — and a brand new, doing it my way, blogger. That’s right I have published only two posts and I have two pending, and then the post I am writing now. Brand, spanking new blogger, yep, that’s me!

So, I’ve named my blog (as you more experienced bloggers must surely already be aware) Memee’s Musings. I am B.L. Memee and I am one of those females who “thinks too much.” That’s right, I remember in elementary school that while being queued up with my fellow students to walk from class to lunchroom and from playground to class I would walk with my head tilted downward toward the ground and my shoes, dreaming and thinking of wild imaginings and oblivious to the here-and-now (what people in the counselling professions now refer to as “one-mindfulness”).

In junior high, it was more of the same. Although I don’t mean to make myself sound like an introvert, I love people and people love me. I had plenty of friends to play with but I also had an overflowing supply of imagination that needed to escape the confines of my brain. I had already begun writing in elementary school, yes, I know, we all do… but I mean, I was trying my hand at poetry and short stories and playwriting… in elementary and middle school! And although I have never had that writer’s-must-write compulsion I am acutely aware of its existence. For me, writing was just something to do for fun and stress release… yep, I’ve got a dozen diaries and journals boxed up around here somewhere… the angst of high school, the revelations of college, it’s all well-documented (in a rainbow of ink colors, of course!) I even kept dream journals which is fascinating to go back and read now.  One dream could be so full of detail it could be 20 pages long!

Now I barely remember my nightly dreams, my imagination seems to have run its course and I have now reached the next major time period of a person’s life… the crises of mid-life. So, in a nutshell here is what my blog reads on the “about” page:

“Memee’s Musings came about from a time of personal crisis and is a piece of the journey for one woman to redefine and rediscover who she is as each day she finds herself wading rivers, climbing mountains, weathering storms and crossing tightropes.”

So, now that I have joined the community of bloggers wish me well, for my journey has just begun!



*Although blogging doesn’t really describe what he writes, he is not sharing an online journal, this man has been a professional satirist for more than a decade.

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