Photo By Michael Woloszynowicz
Photo By Michael Woloszynowicz

God’s Child

The scent in the air as I watch
A plethora of snowflakes mesmerizing me
Raindrops dancing upon my roof and windstorms blowing
Across the fields and through the grasses
These are the things that call to me
Come and play, sing and dance
You are safe beneath the skies, within my arms

A giant moon watching over me
His friends, the stars, twinkle their consent
Sending me soft kisses and a warm embrace
For I am His child. For I am loved.

Doggy smiles with tails a-wag
Kittens purring against my breast
Babies laughter and a child’s hug
These are messages sent from Heaven above.

The ferns and mosses: sheltered, protected
With Redwood trees standing aloft
The warmth of the sand beneath my legs
And the sweet touch of summer showers
As they caress my cheeks, my face
The sight of lightening
The sound of thunder
These are the things that affirm to me
You are alive! You are free!

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