We’ve all heard the old adage about the old dog and new tricks, but here I am practically computer illiterate and yet my desire to write and share, to be heard and find fellowship with others has unfurled the silky ribbon that would once have told me that learning code, becoming a blogger, that those things would never and could never happen.

And today I can honestly state: “I am a blogger!”  That’s right, a true and bona fide Blogger am I.  Why now? Why today after it’s been nearly a month of working and publishing and gaining fellowship and followers? Here’s why:  As I sit here writing this, it is now 12:28 a.m. on Sunday morning and I have literally not slept since awakening on Thursday around 10:30 a.m.  Not even a blink or a wink of closing my eyes.  And it simply is what it is, inspiration and adrenaline: I must blog!  All day long I think about blogging.  I even dream about blogging once I give in to my eyelids and force myself to shut down the computer, turn out the lights and go to sleep!  Even if I am not publishing every single day, I am writing and working on future posts and ideas both by hand and keyboard. I’ve been blogging, reading blogs, exploring code and getting inspired by my fellow bloggers.  I never knew that the Internet could be so stimulating and now that the doors of Bloggerdom have opened and I am in the Land of Oz all of my creative juices are flowing like water from the top of Angel Falls.

You might be asking yourself what does any of this have to do with the old dog I opened this post with.  The answer simply is that this post has nothing to do with blogging or even me, it’s just an example of what I have to say:

It’s never too late to learn something new.  

It’s not too late for me and it certainly is not too late for you either.  You and I, we are the old dog and we’ve still got some new tricks within us.  I know you’re already sitting there in front of your screen trying to counterargue my point, but let me forewarn you:  Your protestations will be falling on deaf ears. I am going to set out to prove that you — yes, YOU — can learn something new and it’s just a matter of having the desire and determination to dedicate your time and effort into learning it.  And then when you are done reading this post it will be your turn to make a decision and let your dreams come true. Let the world be shiny and new again.  Send it into the Universe and watch as Desire, Determination and Dedication, their arms overflowing with time and energy and resources drift back in your direction on silky strings that cling only to you.

You may say I’m a dreamer and I’d have to agree.  You may call me a romantic and I’ll have to concede to that as well. But you don’t have to be a romantic dreamer to learn something new. In fact, being lost in the clouds may actually be your greatest opponent to reaching that goal.

I’ve already said more than enough about me, and I’ll let the pressure off of you just a smidgeon.  I am pleased to introduce you to Laura Song, 60.

I know, I know, if only my ears were attached to your computer I’d hear you loud and clear “Yeah, but…” But what, she already knew how to do other dancing styles? Aren’t you forgetting that each and every one of us begins intellectually knowing nothing and because we want something bad enough we learn to roll over, crawl, stand, walk, run and dance.

So to counter that silly thought of yours I offer up Zhang Junhao. He may only be 3-years-old but he is well worth nine minutes of your time. You won’t regret watching to the very last second:

Yes, I admit it. He is three. He is adorable, but he’s more than those two things: He is inspiring. He wanted something and so he learned to do it. What, that’s still not convincing you?  You did enjoy the video though, didn’t you? Like me, you may have even teared up a little bit when he touched your heart with love for his fellow man.

Seriously, dude?  You really believe your own conspiracy that because he is only three years old that his brain is like a sponge because he hasn’t used up too many of his brain cells yet? Come on, it doesn’t work like that! Trying new things, that is what gives you brain cells (or technically, synapses) it doesn’t kill off your brain cells. You must have misunderstood when Jimbo was explaining that it is the drugs people do at the Raves that kills brain cells, not the dancing!

Come on, admit it. You’re wondering what dancing sensation I have next up my sleeve. It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me, but I KNOW you’re starting to wonder what you might be able to do if you really wanted to. And so I would like to introduce you to Paddy.  She didn’t give herself excuses as to why she could not or should not dance. She did not allow other people to squelch her yearnings. She decided she wanted to learn and so she stood up, sought out a teacher and began doing it, And just like young Zhang Junhao she inspires for her love of everyone around her only wanting to bring joy and pleasure of watching the dance. I know this blog is more time consuming than you counted on, what with all the videos and all, but trust me, you can spare at least three minutes more of your time because Paddy will change your life… so worth watching!

It’d make sense if you argued that she is especially flexible or double-jointed or some such nonsense. But instead you’re trying to tell me that because she is so old she has more brain power? Believe what you want but I must confess I’ve got a story that will make you hard-pressed to win this argument. Give up already. No, you’re not going to? Okay, you’ve forced me to do it: You’re now contradicting your argument of youth being the exceptional requirement, but whatever.  You vote brain power beats all but I’ll up the ante and introduce you to Miss Cameron Mott, a girl with only half a brain.

What? You have no great passion for dance?  Man, you are one stubborn son of a mountain goat! Okay, we’ll change our subject — having read this far on a subject you’re not interested in definitely earns you a reprieve from these visions of dance. So, I am left to wonder: How important is it to you that you can do all of the things that you take for granted with ease and thoughtlessness? Eating, drinking, walking, talking… there was a time in your life when you couldn’t do any of that and you made the decision that you wanted to learn those things so that you could do things for yourself, rely on yourself and be a self-sufficient, in control man-about-town.

So here is my concluding video of evidence, the story of Kitra Cahana’s father, a man suffering from the horrifying medical condition known as Locked-in Syndrome. If no one else I have mentioned can make you see, than surely this one man’s faith, courage, patience and determination should stun you into reality:  Everything really is all in our mind. The ways we define ourselves, the restrictions we put upon ourselves, the crutches and vices we hold so tight to, all of it rules our perceptions and manipulates our decisions. Change your mind, change your life… that’s what I am working toward each and every day.

Join me. All you have to do now is get up out of that chair, strap on your safety gear and take the leap. You can soar with the wind beneath your wings because each of these inspiring individuals prove that, in fact, despite whatever obstacles we face and whatever lies we tell ourselves it is really never too late to learn a new trick, especially if it’s a good one.

basejumping Angel Falls
basejumping Angel Falls

Now tell me: What are you ready to learn?

So, any thoughts?

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