BrittanyBlevinsYeah, I know you don’t love the long reads… I just cannot help myself some days. Sometimes my daily topic has me so inspired that the words flow too quickly from my mind and fingertips to stop. It’s like I have to purge it, all of it before I can think normally again until the need to write about it burns out like a star in the sky. So thanks for suffering through the long posts. In time my writing style may become less wordy but I won’t guarantee it. I tend to send really long emails to people too.

Short and Sweet,

☀ Memee

One thought

  1. I love long post but as a blogger… combination is key…. Some days an essay is easy, it flows right out of you and relaxes every muscle in your body while others tend to break you down and challenge every section of your brain. Some days are short and some are long…. Just like our blogs! Grateful to read your blogs! Keep it up!


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