If you were to ask people to define the term “Glory Days” most Americans would tell you that they are the days from our past when we were at our very best. But why must we live our lives convinced our Glory Days have already come and gone? That’s not healthy. I want my Glory Days to be today, tomorrow and every day in my future.

As a college freshman, and even now, 20+ years later, I declare that those teens and early 20s were my happiest and best times. I’ve decided however that it’s time to change that way of thinking. That was a great time, I had great fun, lived life to the fullest, and learned so much about who I was becoming and what the world around me was truly like.  But that doesn’t mean that I cannot recapture some of that youthful thinking.  I can learn how to have fun again.  I can choose to live life to the fullest.  And, hey, I’m not dead yet, it’s time I stop living like I am!

I have half a lifetime ahead of me still, God willing.  Half a lifetime!  I haven’t finished growing as a human being and certainly the world around me is changing as fast as the speed of light so there’s still so much to learn and discover.  I want to be positive about my future rather than thinking about the past when I was free of responsibility and had the energy and the friendships and the healthy, slim body that existed without pain… it’s time to learn to be positive and BELIEVE that I can make every day a Glory Day.

And so instead of talking the talk, I’ve taken my first baby step in the right direction.  I contacted the two head instructors of the computer technology programs I am interested in pursuing… court reporting and/or captioning. Think positive thoughts for me and my future (for those days that I’m not feeling so forward-moving and positive) — we all need a little help from time to time!

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