Blogging U.

I did it, I passed the blogging 101 course at Blogging University! Yay Me! Now, when does blogging 201 begin? Or am I on my own?

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    1. Thanks Lucy! You’re already off to a fine start 🙂 You asked for advice and I immediately went to the words written by a fellow blogger, Tamara:

      Show humanity, show love, be yourself, don’t be others, don’t gossip, and [do] share.

      Also I would add: Have fun, write for yourself first and be kind to yourself as a new blogger, it’s okay to miss “deadlines”. Being a genuine person means sometimes falling on your face, but getting up again, that is what makes you special. Remember it’s supposed to be fun not stressful. But if you’re stressed, share it too!

      ☀ Memee

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    1. You’re still blogging, sharing and communicating with other bloggers… In my book you’ve got nothing to be jealous about. You are doing it your own way. Being authentic is a key to individuality and success!

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