So you actually thought Zero G-Day was going to happen. It didn’t. So now what?

Well, I can tell you it leads me to ask you a few questions, the first of which is: What were you thinking? Were you even thinking? Or have social media websites taken away all of your well-earned bumps and scrapes that were supposed to teach you to think for yourself (or at least do a little research) before jumping off the bridge with the group sitting across from you? And if you read it on the Internet and believed it must, therefore, be true, well, then I want to know what you thought it meant.

And finally, a word of advice: If you really DID think that zero gravity day was going to happen and perpetuated the spread of the hoax disease on any of your media platforms, please, PLEASE, take the few seconds to go to before cluttering the world with misguided, misleading misdirections. Thank you.

☀ Memee

So, any thoughts?

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