Memee, what is the best thing about having Minions?

Well, obviously, it’s getting others to follow you and do whatever you want. And today I am thankful for two very special minions:

Divya Murthy, teen blogger — Just because she is a teen, and a freshman blogger doesn’t mean she can’t write. She is very smart, an excellent writer and there is a youthful joy to her posts. I’ve already read several of her posts and have chosen to follow her, you might want to as well. So check out her home page at Another Teenager’s Time Capsule.

Sassycare, a fellow sophomore blogger who’s blog Flavored Lemons inspired me and kept me challenging myself when I was beginning to feel discouraged.

Why am I spotlighting these two particular minions over all of Memee’s Minion Army?  Because they spotted the easter egg hidden in my post Diving Into Social Networks and completed, in the allotted time, the hidden objective.  And they have received their special reward for it.

Ladies, thank you for being such great Minions!  I created this unique digital trophy that is exclusive to that post, that time frame, and that task and you two are the official recipients.  No one else will receive it, ever.  (They might try to steal it, but it is yours and yours alone!)

You are awesome!  Keep on inspiring and actively participating in the blogging community!

The trophy can be found in the comments section of your about pages.

Drowning Minion Award

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So, any thoughts?

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