American Ninja Squirrel

Mission Impossible? Not for this squirrel!

I saw this years ago, but when it was sent to me via Facebook Messenger. Today I decided I had to share it with you, my new friends and minions, and I figured I’d add a few more as well.

I want to emphasize that this is what comes from perseverance, determination and hard work… it’s called success!

You might think that squirrel must be smarter than all the other dumb squirrels. And he was at least among his family grouping over there at the Hageman’s. But what of this squirrel:

or these squirrels:

or even this squirrel:

This is not the first time that squirrels have found their way onto Memee’s Musings. Please do enjoy the calling card left by Beatriz last year in which she tried to negotiate with the squirrels stealing fruit from her trees: Take Me To Your Leader

I’m not sure you can negotiate with a squirrel, but individually we can certainly strive to be as tenacious as they are, especially when it comes to things we truly desire!

Old Guys Need Love Too!

This Old Guy | Memee's Musings
Euthanasia scheduled: Dec 6, 2015

This old guy is feeling blue. He thought he’d found a new furever home but despite his sweet personality he is being returned to the county animal shelter in Ellington, Connecticut, because at some point he was bitten by a mosquito and now has heartworm.

I’ve had heartburn and it is terrible. I can tell you, having a warm place surrounded by loved ones goes a long way in feeling emotionally better despite the medical condition. I am sure the same goes for this old guy and his heartworm.  He might not know that there is a worm living in his heart but he does know life has been better and I am sure he dreams of it being better again.  No one can convince me dogs don’t dream because I’ve seen it.

There’s something about a basset hound, I’m not sure if it is their perpetually sad eyes or those long droopy ears but as soon as I saw his picture I knew I had to feature him on Seeking Love Saturdays in the hopes that I can help find him a furever home. The shelter has not assigned him a name, so I’ve dubbed him “Old Guy” out of respect for his years of friendship to those humans who’ve undoubtedly passed through his life and broken his heart.

This Monday, Old Guy will begin his last days at the Ellington Animal Control facility which is behind the fire station at 21 Main St in Connecticut.  All Dogs in Danger animals are available for transport anywhere in the United States so don’t let his location be your only hinderance in bringing him home if he is indeed the furever friend you are prepared to love and care for til the end of his days.  But realize, heartworm is a serious illness which is costly to treat and can sometimes be fatal.

Treatment entails injections and oftentimes hospitalization is required. Recovery can take up to a couple of months. The American Animal Hospital Association places the average cost of preventative for dogs at$5-15 per month, and the cost of treating a dog with heartworm at $400-1,000.Jul 19, 2013

Old Guy is not the only dog I have featured with heartworm.  Jolly found her furever home despite her illness and I know Old Guy has a place waiting for him too.

If Old Guy is not the right companion for you check out other dogs now being featured on Dogs in Danger! This advocacy site features dogs that are currently scheduled for euthanasia across the United States. The link that follows is to a page I have created which continues to grow of animal shelters around the world. If you’ve read this far and are not in the market for a dog because your best friend is already with you, please consider sharing with me the name and location of the shelter you found your bestie at so that I can continue to grow this list!

Don’t shop… Adopt!

I have been very busy with my new school and moving to California. I just wanted to take a quick moment to remind you that there are so many dogs out there needing to find good, happy, permanent homes. Your loving home is the medicine that will keep them alive and they are the medicine that will brighten your life!

There are puppies, they tend to get adopted first. Please don’t forget about the older dogs and the special needs dogs and the pit bulls. Every dog has love to give and every dog can experience loneliness and fear.

You wouldn’t want to be locked up because of how you look or something a total stranger said about you. You wouldn’t want to be jailed because you had health problems. Aging seniors fear that their children will put them in nursing homes… do you want to be put in a nursing home? Do you think that dogs needing medication or special equipment or more doctor visits want to be abandoned to strangers, locked in cages, able to see and hear the other doggy inmates but not play or interact with them? It’s cruel. We hate the idea of this happening to humans but turn a blind eye to our domesticated furry friends, allowing them to be killed simply because they’ve lost their previous home and the right person didn’t come along in time to save them.

So, if you are considering getting a dog please visit the rescues, the shelters and the pounds near you and keep your heart open to every dog, not just the cute, spunky, energetic puppies. And please, please remember do not adopt a dog if you cannot make a lifetime commitment to the animal and be sure that your lifestyle is compatible with the needs of the breed you are considering. Think of adopting a dog as you would adopting a child. Money, time, responsibility, commitment, love and attention and a whole lot of unexpected things come right along with it.

Now I’ll leave you with two beautiful happy endings courtesy of Mr. Bones & Co.

First up is Kona’s Story:

And now Davey’s Story:

Here are two links to help in your search for a furever friend. The first is Dogs in Danger. This advocacy site features dogs that are currently scheduled for euthanasia across the United States. The second link is to a page I have created and try to grow of animal shelters around the world. If you’ve read this far and are not in the market for a dog because your best friend is already with you, please consider sharing with me the name and location of the shelter you found your bestie at so that I can continue to grow this list!

I have some Jolly news to report!

Miss Jolly

If this face looks familiar it’s because I have written about Jolly on two previous occasions. The first time was in the post Seeking Love on Valentine’s Day and the second time was in Sweet Earnestine Found A Furever Home. I love being able to report when a dog that I choose to highlight on Memee’s Musings has been adopted, especially when the homeless dog was scheduled for euthanasia due to lack of public interest.

And I just found out that sweet miss Jolly was adopted despite her special needs status. Pairing the right animal to the right person is crucial to adoption success, and so I am thrilled that Jolly’s furever friend walked into the shelter when they did and had their heart swept away. Way to go Jolly!

It is always important that when we think about adding a fur baby to our life that we consider the needs of the animal. Can we commit ourselves to both the short-term and long-term needs of the animal? Bringing a fur baby home is making a commitment just as it is to decide to have a child. Your commitment is for the life of the animal so it is important that whatever animal you choose fits into your lifestyle. Do you travel a lot? If so, then perhaps a Great Dane or Saint Bernard are not the best choice for you. Do you see what I’m getting at? Picking a large dog when much of your life is on the road or spent in an airplane is not fair to the dog. That is just one example of a fur baby-human mismatch.

One of the reasons we love our dogs so much is that they bond with us. They truly enjoy spending time with us and are eager for us to be near them, playing with them, loving on them, or just silently sitting by. So when you head to your nearest shelter looking for the dog to join your family, don’t choose one because you feel sorry for it, don’t choose one because it is the cutest one there. Choose the one that fits into your life. A pet is not an accessory (despite women’s current penchant for carrying them in their handbags) it is a loyal friend that will love you through your worst days and never hold a grudge. It is a family member that yearns for your attention, affection and love. Let that dog fall in love with you too. Don’t be hasty, there will always be more great dogs coming along so wait for the dog that you can create a mutual bond with.

And please remember, do not give an animal as a holiday gift. Animals that are gifted have a much higher chance of being abandoned or given up to shelters. If you don’t believe me, look for bunnies at shelters about a week, two weeks after Easter. Everyone needs to choose the pet that is best for them. If your heart is set on giving a pet to someone, take that person with you and let them do the choosing.

Oh, and if you love dogs but do not have a stable situation to own one, consider fostering or volunteering… shelters are always looking for loving dog lovers to help with the animals, getting them out for walks, socializing them, giving them a temporary home… the options are there, call around and thanks in advance!

A Lil Bit of love in Tennessee, please!

Lil Bit in Tennessee I have been very busy at home dealing with our own family crises, one after another. the most recent was with my Grama who was visiting from Illinois. And of course, due to my negligence, my blog has suffered a hit in readership.  I understand, and I now that all of you who’re still following along understand why I have been otherwise preoccupied. Anyway, I did not want to let yet another Saturday go by without posting to Seeking Love Saturdays.

Tweet: Looking to adopt a dog in Tennessee? Lil Bit is an adorable pup needind a furever family.

Take a look at this lovely girl, she is great inspiration for getting this article up and posted. However, she makes me feel a lil guilty about the dogs I missed getting the word out about as well. I am however comforted in the knowledge that Dogs in Danger! does an outstanding job at featuring animals scheduled for euthanasia, so hopefully many doggy lives were spared. Continue reading

American Dogs: Comfort for Independance


Tweet: If you're dog suffers from bouts of anxiety there may be an answer:  (and other great dog info).For 240 years America’s dogs have tolerated our Independence Day shenanigans. Whether we are taking them on a trip or dressing them up and parading them around town, blowing up fireworks, or simply leaving them home alone while we go out to celebrate America’s birthday  one thing we cannot ignore is that the 4th of July causes more stress and anxiety to our favorite pets than probably every other day of the year (except perhaps vaccination day).

I have been fortunate that with the exception of one occasion my dogs have successfully managed their own stress levels successfully. The one year we had a problem, we happened to be living in an extremely noisy apartment complex (I mean, it was horribly loud always, but most especially at night.) And my dear sweet Forest jumped on my bed and peed right there in the middle of my duvet cover. That was several years ago and we have not had any problems since that time.

Some dogs however have such a terrible fright each year that their owners take the risk and expense of giving their beloved pets sedatives (hopefully via a vet or veterinary assistant). Well, now their appears to be a better way. The product is called ThunderShirt and it is a dog anxiety vest.  It is too late to buy this product for tonight’s explosive excitements, but check it out, it may help alleviate your furbaby’s future anxiety — and yes, they do make them for cats as well!

The Better Calming Solution
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Tweet: Love the 4th of July? Love your dogs? Check out American Dogs: Comfort for Independence at Memee's Musings!

This dog is not looking for a home… and you’ll be disappointed!

Patient PittieAnyone who knows anything about pits knows that they will do whatever it takes to be loved by their owner.  It’s part of the reason they get a bad rap… if humans only give attention to their pit when they are misbehaving, like a child that is neglected, it will perform the negative behavior because some attention is always better than no attention.  If the human owner treats the dog abusively, throwing things at him, hitting or kicking him, yelling at him, like a child imitating a violent father, he will learn to be aggressive. And then you have those evil, evil humans who fight them.

Pit Bulls are one of the most patient and loving dogs you can get.  And of course, like any mixed breed “mutt” he’ll have less medical problems then a purebred.

Educate yourself before calling fowl on a pit bull!

I hope you enjoy the photos of this wonderfully patient pittie as much as our family did. I don’t know who took them, when or where they were originally uploaded. I saw it on Pinterest, and their link led back to however, the photo is marked Visit at your own risk, I’ve not done so.

(Please educate yourself about the discrimination and negative propaganda campaign being promulgated against these wonderful dogs before you simply walk past them. I highly recommend the documentary Beyond the Myth which you can stream on Netflix, purchase or rent on Amazon or even Youtube for $1.99.)