Well, now I’ve got to get back with the program, because “right now” exists only in an instant. I make this post in gratitude to Malvika who so kindly inspired me to pick myself off the floor and jump back into the net — the Internet, that is — by nominating me for the Creative Blogger Award.

I am really not sure what I did to garner such a lovely title as “creative blogger,” I mean we haven’t really been exposed to each other for very long… less than a month in fact. However what I can tell you about Magical Corner is that this young poet shows great depth and wisdom far beyond her years.

And now back to me, because after all, we’ve already established above that you like ME! Also, it’s kinda the rule that I reveal five things about myself as part of my acceptance of the award. I will try not to repeat things I have revealed in the past.

1. Yes, this one is actually a repeat because it is part of who I am and if I must follow rules (like nominating others) for others to know that I have inspired a fellow blogger, I think it is important that when the award comes to me, I change the rules to suit my belief system. And so, here it is:

… I toss out the rules when presenting awards and do not require that people pass them along like a chain letter. Those rules, for me, seem to lessen the very real connection of people and feelings that come with nominations for these accolades. However, that is my point of view and I believe we are all entitled to our own viewpoints and we are allowed to change the rules, if it hurts no one, and that is how the world continues to change and develop.

Don’t worry though, if you are a stickler for the rules, I will outline them in this post so those of you who want to nominate someone can add any or all of the rules back in for your nomination.

2. I am the walking, talking, breathing epitome of a dialectic human being. Dialectic? Memee, whatever are you speaking of? Well, I have two equal but opposing viewpoints about who and what I am. I do not suffer from multiple personality disorder, however I am a conundrum even unto myself. For example, above I have stated that I believe that rules were made to be changed yet, mostly I adhere strictly to whatever rules are put before me…. BORING!! And yes, from time to time, I do refer to myself in the third person –not so boring after all, eh?

3. When I was ten I wrote a play, however until earlier this year I could not write a poem to save my life!

4. My brain does not wake up until around ten p.m. and yet that is when the world sleeps. I don’t mind too much though, because nighttime is so peaceful and quiet, it is when I feel the calmest, safest, and most confident.

5. If I can, I try to take a nap every day.

Rule #2: Nominate others for this award. Okay, so this is where Rule #1 reapplies itself. I am being told to nominate other people for this award, just because. Well, I don’t nominate on “just because” nor do I nominate because I am being told to do it now. I have been away from reading for a while. People who inspire me know who they are so although I am accepting this award, I am also reserving the right to nominate this award at some later date in the future. I can do this, this is my blog and I have the rules outlined so when I am ready and feel really moved and inspired by someone’s creativity, I’ll find this post and cast my nominations!

And, as an afterthought or a postscript, I’d like to retract my answer numbered 5 and say that I always write stream of consciousness… I never know where things are headed or where they will end up until after my writing has reached its conclusion. So, when I went back and read all of the above, to proof it for typos and grammatical errors, I was quite surprised to see that from the very beginning I was outlining arguments for why I would not be passing on any nominations with this award. I find it funny, not ha-ha funny, but odd funny.

You’ve gotta love the brain!
creative blogger award

So, any thoughts?

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