Four Minds of One Heart Blogging inI am not a great fan of blogging “awards” simply because, for the most part, they are used as a gimmick for acquiring followers.  Mind you, I love being nominated and I love having followers, it’s just that being required to pass an award on to a particular number of bloggers stinks of chain letters with ill intent.  I have no ill will and I do accept all awards with the caveat that I do it on my terms.  

My terms being that I change the rules so they are comfortable for me, I don’t want to feel like an unwelcome solicitor standing on the doormat of someone else’s blog page.  I want to hand out awards to those I deem worthy, no rules just appreciation and acknowledgement.  And so today I had to create an award to suit my needs, an award which was inspired and created for four young ladies, poets from different realms, different cultures, and different experiences, never having met who are now forging a sisterhood between them by joining forces to create a united blog.

I want them to know that I think that what they are doing is beautiful.  And I want all of you to have the opportunity to meet them through their individual blogs and support them in their collaborative blog.  These young ladies have a lot of heart, wisdom, and courage and we should follow their lead in taking up hands with our neighbors for the good of a world in chaos.

May I introduce the recipients of the Four Minds of One Heart Blogging in Unity Award:  The Broken Compasses:

Blair (USA): People, Things, and Life
Ellie (UK): Tea with Ellie
Danica (Phillipines): My Dirty Diaries
Malvika (India): Magical Corner

And for the record, I’d like to add that I don’t believe any of these young women are yet broken.

Original Artwork by Claudia Tremblay

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  1. Hi,
    I’ve actually been thinking about you today. A recent comment you wrote might be inspiring what I write tomorrow to post on Tuesday. Since you’re comment to me, I am networking much more effectively and my readership is taking off. I heard today is my best day ever for new blog followers. Do you remember the comment I’m referencing? I would never mention your name in the post. Thank you for your inspiration to get me to network more.

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    1. I’ve left a lot of comments for you, in fact I was just writing one to you this moment! I will definately have to look back and see what I said and read tomorrows posting! Thanks for thinking of me 🙂 It feels pretty great to standout to someone with a following as large as yours. Gosh, I hope it was in a good way! :O

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