If you wanna play #wcw with me, here's your badge!
If you wanna play #wcw with me, here’s your badge!

When we lose a dear one we spend a lot of time reflecting on shared memories and who that person was, what made them so special. So, in honor of Baily I want this week’s quote to remind and encourage everyone to be yourself. Baily was the most genuine human being I have ever had the honor and privilege of knowing. So many of us try to adapt to other people in order to be loved, while others feel a false shame, believing they are inherently unworthy and so they hide behind masks believing their disguise is the only way to find acceptance, make friends and be loved. However, the reality is that we are all unique, special, desirable, lovable, and worthy.

be yourself

If you’d like to play along in Words Crush Wednesday (#wcw) just cut/paste and follow these simple rules:

(1) Pingback to the site you discovered #wcw on with every Words Crush Wednesday post. In this case, that’s me: memeesmusings.com! (you’ll want to switch out my name for yours)

(2) Use the badge they’ve created just for you – size doesn’t matter

(3) Tag your post #wcw so other players can find you

(4) Optional: When you are ready, create your own badge for those you inspire to play Words Crush Wednesday. If you do not create your own badge then your inspirees MUST use the badge from the blogger who inspired you, so be sure to make it easy for them to find.

That’s so super simple, you just might want to do it too!

* To see the badge I earned, visit my very first #WCW post. And, here’s my pingback: Rebirth of Lisa

So, any thoughts?

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