Cracked but not broken | Memees MusingsSo today was day-2 of my new and improved lifestyle workout routine. And man, oh man, oh man what a day it has been!  When I woke up this morning every muscle in my body screamed its hatred at me.  So in order to regain a tolerable working relationship with my body I fought the good fight to get myself into a hot bath.  And after a good long soak fought my way back out again.

Dressed and fed I headed to meet with my trainer, Ray.  I scoped out a place in the shade to park and, D’oh! I crashed my tires hard against the sidewalk curb. The bump was rough and the top off my water bottle popped off, the liquid hydration pooling on the upolstered seat beside me… nearly empty by the time I caught sight of it.  Bummer!

I grabbed my bottle and joined my fellow trainees heading into the gym for another day of hard yet satisfying work.  And not ten minutes later I was sprawled out, face down before all of those concerned eyes.  I had tripped over my own feet and as human nature dictates, I threw forward my arms and crashed wrist first into the concrete flooring.  Ray and one of the gals helped me to my feet as I was incapable of doing it for myself, my wrist was badly hurt, though not broken.

I headed to a bench, ice pack in tow in hopes of recovery.  At the end of the first round of exercises I felt ready to continue on, albeit modified for my wrist’s protection.  I got a real taste for what working out at this gym was going to be like… Fun!

I climbed in my car, pulled the door closed with my far hand and drove myself to the walk-in clinic for x-rays.  Better to be safe then disabled.  After several hours I learned the bleak news.  I had fractured my elbow, which is why I am doin’ the hunt ‘n peck typing method to get this post out to you!

My elbow may be cracked but my drive is not broken. I gave Ray a call, letting him know not to expect me tomorrow as I have an appointment with a bone doc tomorrow, but on Thursday I’d like to continue on focusing on what we can until I am more capable.

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