Gonna Get Fit Just Can't Quit - Memee's MusingsYep, that’s right I’m gonna start getting my body in shape. I’ve done a lot for my health in the last few years. I’ve changed my eating habits, added Juice Plus+ to my daily routine and cut way, way back on processed foods and sugar. My chronic migraines are gone — I get maybe one migraine a month now and I have had zero seizures since starting Juice Plus+ 3 years ago!

Now I am ready to start making my heart and lungs stronger by exercising. I’ve always avoided it. But not being in shape meant I had to turn down fun opportunities with friends, like going for a hike. I know that sounds super easy, but for me, I just didn’t have the stamina to do it. It is embarrassing and I didn’t want to ruin their fun by having to stop and rest every 6 minutes or so.

But now that I am in sunny California I want to be outside. Right now I am enjoying my drives to different places. All this sun makes me feel happy and gives me a sense of being on vacation. So, I’m gonna get fit. No better time then the present they say. A friend recommended a place and the trainer is expecting me tomorrow (Monday) at noon.

I am super excited about how this will change my life but I am also terrified of the process. Think positive thoughts for me and keep cheering me on through the process. It’s hard work getting fit when you’ve never tried before and when you are getting older it becomes more difficult so your encouragement will help push me further. Thank you in advance!

☀ Memee

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    1. This “gym” experience that I am doing, they hike together as well. So I’ll get there. I am not ready to hike, but in a month, maybe two, I’ll be right there with them. It’s exciting!

      Today I did 24 minutes of intense work to determine my starting point and what I am capable of. I walked out of there on spaghetti legs and an hour later my arms were still quivering but my mind feels alert and fantastic!

      My next hurdle: Facing day two!

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      1. Last year I did karate for four months. I was great for balance and exercise. Of course, I had about thirty years on the most of the other kids. So keeping up with them was fun. Then I hurt knee at work. Work the killer of many good times. 😉


      2. I’m not sure what that is. In my mind what sprang to mind were the entertainers who walk the streets of the Vegas strip… you know, getting their pics with the tourists and stuff.

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      3. Oh, that’s a really important streetwalker! Lot’s of exercise there. I hope you have customers who leave cookies or other goodies for you at Christmastime! You deserve it. I don’t think people understand how hard ya’ll work for us. Thank you 🙂

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