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Euthanasia scheduled: Dec 6, 2015

This old guy is feeling blue. He thought he’d found a new furever home but despite his sweet personality he is being returned to the county animal shelter in Ellington, Connecticut, because at some point he was bitten by a mosquito and now has heartworm.

I’ve had heartburn and it is terrible. I can tell you, having a warm place surrounded by loved ones goes a long way in feeling emotionally better despite the medical condition. I am sure the same goes for this old guy and his heartworm.  He might not know that there is a worm living in his heart but he does know life has been better and I am sure he dreams of it being better again.  No one can convince me dogs don’t dream because I’ve seen it.

There’s something about a basset hound, I’m not sure if it is their perpetually sad eyes or those long droopy ears but as soon as I saw his picture I knew I had to feature him on Seeking Love Saturdays in the hopes that I can help find him a furever home. The shelter has not assigned him a name, so I’ve dubbed him “Old Guy” out of respect for his years of friendship to those humans who’ve undoubtedly passed through his life and broken his heart.

This Monday, Old Guy will begin his last days at the Ellington Animal Control facility which is behind the fire station at 21 Main St in Connecticut.  All Dogs in Danger animals are available for transport anywhere in the United States so don’t let his location be your only hinderance in bringing him home if he is indeed the furever friend you are prepared to love and care for til the end of his days.  But realize, heartworm is a serious illness which is costly to treat and can sometimes be fatal.

Treatment entails injections and oftentimes hospitalization is required. Recovery can take up to a couple of months. The American Animal Hospital Association places the average cost of preventative for dogs at$5-15 per month, and the cost of treating a dog with heartworm at $400-1,000.Jul 19, 2013

Old Guy is not the only dog I have featured with heartworm.  Jolly found her furever home despite her illness and I know Old Guy has a place waiting for him too.

If Old Guy is not the right companion for you check out other dogs now being featured on Dogs in Danger! This advocacy site features dogs that are currently scheduled for euthanasia across the United States. The link that follows is to a page I have created which continues to grow of animal shelters around the world. If you’ve read this far and are not in the market for a dog because your best friend is already with you, please consider sharing with me the name and location of the shelter you found your bestie at so that I can continue to grow this list!

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  1. Aw crap. I admire the virtue in your cause, I hate the content. I see these poor old souls that are left by their heartless owners and my heart breaks for each of them. They don’t understand what they did to be cast out like they are. That poor dog should, in my opinion, be put to sleep. Heart worm (as I understand it) is not curable and he’s old, which means he will probably get progressively worse. It would be lovely if there were a place, such as is here in Utah, in Kanab, where they take the ‘unplaceable’ animals, sick, elderly or abused, that nobody wants for a pet, and let them live out their days in peace and comfort. That concern is “Best Friends Animal Society” and they are the ones who took some of the pit bulls that so-called celebrity had been using for pit fights. They take horses and all manner of animals. I guess someone donated a lot of land there for this type of shelter. They are never euthanized, they pass away naturally. But (to me) the bewilderment in these old guys is the most heart breaking part and why I advocate euthanasia for them. The suffering stops. I wish I were near to whereever you are. Old Guy would have a home, alas I’m not. Thank you for speaking up for those without voices. And forgive me for not seeming more compassionate. It’s hard to be with all the tears.

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    1. I researched it and heartworm is in fact treatable and survivable. The treatment is expensive and time consuming and has unpleasant but temporary side effects (but that is true with most human surgeries as well).

      Being old does not make you unplaceable, neither does being sick. It just makes it all the more difficult. A lonely 70 year old should not adopt a puppy. He cannot care for it and may not live as long as the dog. He should adopt an older dog.

      I agree with you that humans are cruel and that animals don’t understand why they’ve been abandoned. But loneliness is not a crime and it is recoverable.

      Oh dang, now you’ve got me writing a novel. Instead let me send you to posts that address your comments:

      Thank you for sharing your viewpoints. I hope you will read the two posts I’m including. And I hope they won’t make you cry.

      I still believe if Jolly could be adopted so can Old Guy. 🙂

      ☀ Memee


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