Dear Abby,

You’re right, drunk tattooing always leads to huge regrets.  Personally, I didn’t realize a tweet could be taken back so I guess you are lucky that Twitter is your addiction and not ink.  Curious, I decided to see what tweets you felt you could live the rest of your life with because just like tattoos, your tweets do leave their mark on who we think you are and how we see you.

Abby, you may think you have issues, but I just think of you as a delightful and funny young woman. I really enjoyed your tweets and felt compelled to respond to that initial tweet that caught my attention.  I am long-winded and never could have tweeted a response so here is my letter to you.  If your tweets were tattoos, these images may the ink needled under your skin.

I hope you are ready, Abby. This is you:

Fight Club soap tattoo

Image courtesy of Tattoo Failure
Image courtesy of Tattoo Failure

save me I'm fine

lip tatt

Dear Abby | Memee's Musings

These tattoos represent 4 of your most recent tweets out of nearly 14,000! Well, what do you think? Do these tattoos accurately reflect the woman you are? I really do want to hear what you think of these tats and wonder if not these then which tweets would you represent in tattoo and how would they look?

Thanks for the inspiring fodder,


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