So I am finally taking the Writing 101 course over at Blogging University though you’d hardly know it because I didn’t start on day-1 and I am not posting the assignments in order. However it is important that I post this one right away, like tomorrow, because the poll is a requirement for a future assignment. So, minions, I need your help. Please take the poll and let me know what you’d like to see more of from me. You can even “fill in the blank” if you’d like or shoot me an email via the comment form on my Disclaimer page.

Now, then next part of this horrid* assignment: Where do I write?

In bed. These days I write in bed. Today I am writing in bed with a fluffy soft hat, fingerless gloves and hand-knit slippers. It hasn’t always been the case, though it did start off that way. In the beginning — I didn’t mean to sound like the voice of God there; or was that just how it came across in my own head? — it was this same time of year and I was very, very depressed. I hadn’t been out of bed for a couple weeks so I had a great excuse then. I was however, finally, being productive, creating a blog and releasing my thoughts through my typing fingertips.

Things are different now. I live in a totally new state (and today is the 3rd cold day since I’ve gotten here). I am not borderline suicidal. I am still averaging about 6 hours a day “blogging”. The thing here is that I moved in with people who own a lot of stuff and every day there is more stuff. They are not home — which is why I am here — but for sleep. I am not here to be their maid and they need one. So, I pretty much avoid the rest of the house and hang out in my room. It’s small but very bright and free. The windows are huge so it is either sweltering turn-the-fans-to-maximum or freezing, bundle up with hot cocoa and ignore the mists exhaling from my body.

So, basically, it’s comfy and convenient. And so, minions, know you can picture me all bundled up in my bed (the comforter is white, the walls are blue) writing these posts that may reach out and touch you in one way or another. Let me know what I can write to keep you coming back for more. I’m listening.

*I said horrid because I was hoping this would be a course on writing stories and such and so far it’s not been very interesting, at least not to me.

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  1. I had the same reaction and I put a suggestion into the ‘teachers’ to create a STORY writing course, I think they said it was ‘in the works.” Who knows? Do I have a suggestion for you? Nope. I like your blog as is. And I’m chasing the same “what do I write about NOW” as you are, and found the course as frustrating when it only gave me these sorts of assignments that I didn’t enjoy and couldn’t use. Good luck!

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    1. If writing 201 was poetry, which to me is the, most artistic form of writing then 101 would be beginning writing, creative writing overview.

      Hopefully it will have value beyond a few extra follows.


  2. Fluffy socks, laptop, we all write in bed. Let’s be honest. 😉 Yay for you doing this task! I want to try this after the show I finish in December. Too many obligations, not enough time to write. You’ll have to let us all know/me/ haha how you like it! 😉


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