registerMapExampleThis post came about from one of the Writing 101 assignments which directed us to use a map to inspire.  I hope you enjoy!

Have you ever stumbled across a curbside free library? Aren’t they awesome! I saw one during my travels this past summer. I was travelling and didn’t need a book, but I did rifle through the selection just for the pure pleasure of it.

Turns out there’s a website where you can find these little treasures. It is called, Little Free Library (it’s a dot org). There’s a world map that you can utilize with zip codes, locations, “near me” or even, if you know it, the library steward’s name! I think that’s very cool.

Today seemed to be all about the little free library on my Facebook feed which is what led to this post.  First, a friend from where I moved from 3 months ago posted a local video that is super cool.

This is my friend's library.
Elise’s library: Each member of the family painted a side and their wonderful personalities shine through!

And then a new friend I am making in this state, Elise, posted that her Free Little Library is now up and running and she posted the link to the library map.  There is so much on that website!

I feel inspired. I’d like to steward one or create, prepare and gift one in a family or friend’s neighborhood at least!  The website has tips and hints for building your library (with wood).  Of course if you don’t want to build one they’re happy to sell you a design finished or unfinished. And if you’re a millionaire maybe you’d invest in The Simpson’s little free library with the signature Simpson Yellow and  original Matt Groening artwork and lettering.

By the way, Little Free Library is a registered organization and name.  If you want to utilize their logo, slogan (Take a Book. Return a Book) or name with your lending library you must register… but then you’re mapped and that is awesome for all of us potential patrons!

If you know of a curbside library, check the map and see if it’s listed. If not approach the Library Steward or leave them a note suggesting they get chartered and mapped! It’s kinda like geocaching, but with books!

3 thoughts

  1. AWESOME! 1. I’m a teacher and a life long learner and reader. 2. My sister is a librarian 3. My favorite place is the library. 4. There’s a little library down the road from us in our neighborhood put up by the church that resides there 5. Have you heard of poetry posts? 🙂 My dad made one because he’s a poet and our neighbor talked to him about doing it. 😀


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